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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hiccups Continue ~ Barn Roofing Installed (or not)

He he, ha ha, ho ho.....looney bin do not suck me in....

Monday, Hubby pulled a double-whammy on me.  Just after he got to work, he called and said he had barn roofing and was on the way home.  I had planned to take it easy (ha ha ha!)

To gear up for the work, I had infused a nettle/mullein/oat straw tea and added juice of a lemon. My throat needed all the help it could get.

He arrived. We hooked the lift to the borrowed truck, ripped out some of the chicken run fencing, and ever so gently backed the lift in by the animal barn.  We cut the roofing to fit (or so we thought we did), got it in the lift, and sent Hubby up.

Only the battery wasn't charged.  We forgot to charge it overnight, in all our excitement.

The longest extension cord we had quit on us.  I went digging into the Christmas totes, and got as many utility cords out as I could, hooked them together and set the lift to charge.

Meanwhile, we cleaned up the driveway (tree debris) at least, weeded the rest of the herb garden, put up one rain barrel, mowed, and made a hitch to pull a cart behind the lawn mower.

By 2pm, we went to check the power on the lift.  It was due to be back by 4:30pm.  If all went well, we'd be done in one hour.  It didn't happen.  That's all he got done in the photo.

First, this will make you chuckle.  He was so frustrated with the lift not charging.  I walked around it and asked, "are you sure you plugged it into the right cord?  There is one right here and there is a battery."  

Oh, the laughter from that point.   We both called each other an idiot and laughed and laughed.  He (notice I said he, and not me? ha ha!) had the wrong cord. Ha ha ha ha ha!  And not only that, but he cut the roofing too short for the upper part.  

No worries. We'll use it for the new chicken coop, now that he's on a roll with projects, it's a sign we can move on to the next job.  We'll have to buy more roofing or recycle the roofing (if we can) from the old big barn.  And we'll finish it another weekend.  I suggested he tarp it until we can though.  I also suggested we rent scaffolding to finish it vs. rent the lift again.

All in all, I'm happy with our progress.  We are still playing the "car shuffle" so we had too use the borrowed truck to return the lift, grocery shop, pick up one of the girl's friends, and pick up our youngest daughter from a sleep over.  And even after all of that, we got a motorcycle ride in for some very due road therapy.

And we grilled out.  Our first meal grilled out on the porch.  I popped open a jar of home canned ketchup to go on our brats.  Those were organic buns believe or not.  I found them at the grocery store.  Thank goodness too.  I was not going to make any from scratch at that point in the day.

I even took a few cookbooks out to look through.  I think I found some goodies in these three, so I may be posting them down the road.

Our asparagus is continuing to provide.  I may be trying a new recipe with our first picking this season.


Rain said...

Come on down Kristina, there is plenty of room at my loony bin lol...I'm glad you guys were able to laugh it all off...I don't know that I'd have been so cheery about all that!! Your dinner looks so good and summery! :) I wanted to plant asparagus, but I don't see the point as we are trying to leave here in 2 years, but I can't wait to have that as a crop in my new garden!

Sam I Am...... said...

You poor people! Glad you can laugh about it but it must be frustrating too. But you did get lots done it just maybe wasn't on the areas you wanted to focus on. Glad you got to grill out and I see your pretty flowers in the background and your cute little stool with your books on it. Enjoy the Spring and don't work too hard!

Susan said...

It is amazing how much you two get done, even with major hiccups!

Megwynn'sPlot said...

Another busy day, one job always become 4 or 5.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Rain, I think we were so stressed from the weekend, that we couldn't do anything but laugh, ha ha!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Sam I Am, I'm trying to take breaks often this year.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, I am shocked myself too. I felt like we kept putting major work off for years. This year we seem to get it together enough to get stuff done.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Megwynn, you are right about that. We have more work yet. Lots of it.

Mama Pea said...

I think the success you two are experiencing is because when you do have a hiccup, you find something else, another necessary little (?) chore, to do so that you don't feel everything is a total loss. If you step back and look at all you've accomplished lately, you'll see you have nothing to feel bad about. And, of course, some things to laugh about because that's the positive thing to do in those circumstances when the old brain cells aren't firing with a lot of spark!!

baili said...

ooops !
excitement is sometime fun but sometime it make us forget many important precautions to take [personal experiences!]

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, you are so right.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

baili, thanks for visiting my blog. We were very happy with our progress, and Hubby was to be at work the next day, so charging it was not on our minds, ha ha! So glad we figured it out.

Unknown said...

First off, that asparagus looks delicious, and you've inspired me to get back in my garden and grow some myself. No need to be embarrassed, at all, about the power cord situation. My hubby and I made a similar mistake once, and it took us half the day to realize our mistake. Luckily we had rented the lifter for the weekend, so we had plenty of time!

Pleasance Faast @ Shelton Roof

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you Pleasance, we are still getting asparagus as of May 24th. Best year ever. Oh, as for the cord, Hubby and I laughed and laughed.