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Friday, September 9, 2016

Random Tidbits ~ Relaxation Day!

Woke up to fog today.  School even closed after they had a 2 hour delay.  The weather is strange, but I got my motorcycle ride last night.  Hubby is sweet. He came home and said "ride after dinner?"  and when I said "where?" he said "you pick" I'm doing it for you.  It's really for both of us.

We delivered Jack Daniel's fudge.  Word got out, after leaving a few pieces at Hubby's nephew's house, and even after dropping it off, we got another call for more.  I will most likely make another pan for his family to try, and hopefully mine too.

I canned a double batch of tomato paste yesterday, using up the very last of my 4 oz. jars.  I'll need to make a trip to town for more jars this year.  I am down to a few pints and half-pints.  

I don't know how I did it, but I blanched dandelions and got them in the freezer, as well as prepared a meatloaf, cut up potatoes to cook and mash, and got corn on the cob shucked for dinner, as well as canning.  I prepared everything, and had the veggies in pots ready to put on the stove, but my paste was not ready to can, hence one burner short of getting dinner done.  I did the potatoes first, as they keep hot longer, and one kiddo assisted, and learned how to mash them.  Then I put the corn pot on. 

My intentions were to take the leftover corn (and the meatloaf), remove it and can corn relish, which I do need.  However, they ate most of the corn.  So, today, I get to relax.  Sort of.  As for the intentions of the meatloaf, I wanted to make one to top it with a botched batch of ketchup.  My very first canned batch of ketchup was botched.  First time I messed up.  

I heated it too long, and it began to caramelize.  It was only 4 half-pints, but I got to thinking.  It would be wonderful on meatloaf, vs. tomato paste.  It was, so my mistake turned out to be a good thing.  A usable thing.  Nothing wasted thing.

Oh, the tomatoes are on the table, but it gives me a day to look up recipes and make sure I have ingredients for the next canning day, and the days after that.  If I'm desperate, I can always thaw corn from the freezer for my relish.  When I have a tomato free day that is. 

I have to clean the coop, clean a bathroom, blanch the last of the dandelions, put away washed dishes......and reunite with the front porch.  First I am brewing a jar of nettle tea.  Then I am delegating jobs.  Kids are home and that's a bonus for my declared "relaxation" day here today.  I may even get another tincture started, and crochet work resumed.  I almost don't feel like exercising, but I will.  That's one thing I can't skip out on.  The scale hasn't moved this week, so it motivates me even more.


Susan said...

I'm not surprised that everyone wants some of that fudge! It is going on my Christmas Give List. And I am on the top of my own list! I do hope you get some down-time today. If nothing else, it will give you a break before you face the next 500 lbs of tomatoes!

Kim said...

How long do you blanch the dandelions for? And then into ice water? Drain and freeze? Nice save on the ketchup!

Kristina said...

Kim, I blanch for 2 minutes and then ice bath for 2 minutes. Some research I did, said blanch for 3, but my dandelions are always tasty (not bitter as when you simply cook them vs. blanch first). I use a metal basket similar to that of which is used for deep frying. It makes it so much easier.

Kristina said...

Susan, I went to the store for more powdered sugar. I came home with everything but the sugar, ha ha! I'll make it one more time until Christmas. I had to laugh. I brought in 17.3 more pounds of tomatoes yesterday.

Tracy dixon said...

Kristina if you don't mind can you share your tomato paste recipe and instructions. I hate wasting any part of a tomato. That is if you don't mind. You can email it to me thank you

RB said...

You sound awfully busy for a "relaxation day" lady. LOL
Our Dad "botched" a batch of tomato product once too, and although it was too strong for many things, it worked great in BBQ sauces, so you might try that.
Sounds like that fudge is might make some real good Christmas presents.
Prayers you have a great day, and a safe one too.
God bless.

Kristina said...

Tracy, I will do that for you. I will check and see if the same recipe is online too, and post in a blogpost if it is.

Kristina said...

Thanks for that idea RB, I only have 2 half-pints left. The fudge is on the Christmas present list now.

Sam I Am...... said...

I don't know how you do it all! You get the Superwoman of the Year Award!