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Saturday, May 14, 2016

More Rain ~ Chive Oil Complete ~ Tidbits

Although yesterday remained dry for the most part, it was still too wet to weed or plant.  I attempted to weed the last of the front flower beds, but it was still too wet.  I'll admit I woke up to 4am downpours again this morning.  I am a bit frustrated.  There is no way we can plant right now.  It could take several days to dry this all up.

 The potatoes, the majority of the plants, look pretty healthy.  I just need Mother Nature to give us a break this year.  Sheesh, so many of us deserve a bumper crop this season.

The chive oil is complete now.  I strained it and have it ready to try.  I would love to make homemade pizzas first.

In desperation to get some homesteading garden work completed, I cut some oregano to dry.  My jar is at the very bottom, so oregano is being restocked first. 

They thyme patch continues to be under watch.  The torture the barn cat put it through may take some time to recover.  I have also noticed that Timmy has been using my large pot (zinnias planted in) for his toilet.  Frustrated with him, I have now skewered that pot as well.  We'll see if I can keep him out of it.  

Today's plan?  To dig through the garden barn, and find a pot to plant organic catnip in.  Hmpf. I'll win this barn cat battle if I have to plant catnip in more than one place.

Oh, the other plan?

The professional survey has been completed along our entire west property line.  Our expense of course, because evidently the owner is too poor to buy his own t-post and no trespassing signs, that he has to take ours off our property.

This particular stake is almost next to a trail the owner created in the woods directly adjacent to our private property.  I will now be able to take photos to the Sheriff's department when necessary.  

We'll be putting in t-posts and signs.  Obviously, if they steal from us once, they'll steal again (and he claims he's a "man of God"), so the plan is to add more cameras.

 Like this person.  Photographed on April 2, 2016.  The person is on our property.  Trespassing.  There is a good possibility that this person was the business owner.  Next time, I'll be sure to get photos of their faces.


Mama Pea said...

I think you're getting close to winning the battle with your totally disrespectful neighbors. Take pictures of the posts and no trespassing signs you put up. And then the same picture of the area if they disappear.

Try to think of all your rain as being good for the garden and your crops . . . once it stops and your soil will be ready to produce an abundant harvest for you this year.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, that is exactly how we were able to file a trespassing and stolen property report with the Sheriff's Department. I had before photos of everything, including the no-trespassing sign. Now they all reside on the land they use for the nuisance business. They still have not returned the items. As for the garden, I am just glad I did not plant more yet. Whew. I would have wasted all those seeds and plants.

Dawn said...

I am guessing you dont have boundary fencing, it was the first thing we did put up fencing were there wasnt any, not a cheap thing to do but was worth it, the only problem we had was the dog from next door kept coming over, I hoe your weather improves and you have bumper harvests this year.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Dawn, when we moved in there was an old metal fencing still in place on the south side (previous owners had cattle and sheep here). Over the years the family removed the north fence, so when their family sold this section of land, farmers could still drive through our driveway to enter the field north of us. They rolled it up and rolled it into the woods behind us. Nice right? The west was never fenced since it was woods and creek and no one used it. We have already started to put in t-posts to start our fencing out there.

RB said...

A little hint about re-planting t-posts that keep "disappearing" - for each post, fill an old coffee can or something similar with Sakrete and water (according to the directions on the Sakrete bag), add the t-post, support it so it'll stay straight while drying, then let dry. Then dig a hole a good 2-3 feet deep, plant the t-post and refill the hole with dirt. Then we'll see if someone can simply pull that out of the ground easily.
As for Timmy, Martha Stewart says a layer of screen topped with a layer of gravel will keep cats from using plants as a potty. Now I've never tried this, but she says it works for her, and she has a bunch of pet cats and dogs that live in her houses.
Prayers everyone has a great safe week.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks for those tips RB, you have a safe week too!