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Wear it out,
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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, November 20, 2015

Winter Prep Continues

It might take us much longer than most, but somehow we get most (or all) of our winter prep done.  Although, I'll admit, panic is creeping in, as time passes by.  

We have to remove the brush from the tree, and cut the remaining of it down, before we can set up our snow fence.  This weekend Hubby is hauling our second oldest daughter's car home for an all day Saturday repair.  That leaves our work undone.  I'm afraid the brush will be frozen to the ground come Sunday morning.

I've been watching the weather, and next weekend rain is in the forecast.  I hope it changes, because we haven't even purchased a new wood stove.  I may be forced to have our stove cleaned and use it one more year.  

Either way, I am working my bum off trying to do everything I can possibly do by myself, before the kids get home.  Last night I had one of the girls help haul the largest of the porch furniture from the back patio and we got it all in storage.

I'm going to start dragging brush to the burn pile today, and just do what I can, as I can.  Last night we pushed ourselves to get it done before dark.

Lunch yesterday, was a grilled Peanut butter and banana sandwich, using organic olive oil vs. butter.  I took it to the porch.

 I enjoyed a nice lunch outdoors, while the weather allows.

Dinner prep usually involves the chickens.  I treated them to carrot peelings.  Had the goats been here, they would have gotten potato peelings.  They went into the compost.

It's difficult when dinner is on the stove too.  Crock pot dishes may the menu on future weekends.

Last night I made meatloaf, mashed potatoes and garlic, carrots, and corn (Hubby loves corn with this meal).   By the way, I used ground organic oats in place  bread crumbs, and it worked wonderfully.

The sage honey was drained and ready for winter tea or just spreading on a slice of toasted homemade bread. 

The sun is already up, so I must scoot.  I need to find supplies to start winterizing the chicken/goat barn - another job that got delayed.


Mama Pea said...

We're scrambling on our winter-prep tasks, too, as our warmer-than-normal early winter weather has left the building! On high winds the past 24 or so hours. Snow flurries all day yesterday and down in the 20s this morning. You getting your tree out of the way is akin to us getting a huge pile of debris put through the shredder! It's smack dab in the way of where snow will need to be plowed.

When using olive oil, remember it does not react well to high/hot heat. Butter is much better when doing any kind of "frying."

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, I just texted Hubby a list of barn needs, and auto correct made it look like I had been drinking, ha ha! He texted back, "you drunk?" Ha ha! It's so dusty to knock down cobwebs. The weather is great today, but the tree will stand for a few more days. I am low on butter, and need to add that my list. I learned to put it in bags before adding to the freezer. I need to restock. Now...if I can find that roll of plastic I bought for covering barn windows...

RB said...

Do the children help with chores? We use to have to when we were children. I can't remember what they all were, but I know there were chickens and pigs to be fed, along with dogs and cats. And occasionally all their various houses needed shoveling out too.
I give all our peelings to the chickens including from potatoes. What they don't eat attracts bugs which they then eat.
Praying for all up north for sure cause I see where a lake effect snowstorm is suppose to be hitting NW NY this weekend, and coming from Erie County, PA, I sure understand what that means.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, the kids do help. They helped move all the furniture and stock wood on the porch. Rain and snow arrived here last night.

RB said...

Rain AND snow? Not good. Prayers for you all up there, especially that the power holds.
God bless.