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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Tired Down to the Bones ~ Birthday/Mother's Day

This is how we make our rows for hand planting seeds.  Talk about "pioneer."  That took belonged to Hubby's father, who used it in his own garden.  When I lived in the city, it was a lawn ornament, and we've been using it for going on eight years now.

We are taking advantage of Hubby's strike (yes, they are still on strike, going on three months now) and getting the garden expanded.  These two are now connected and more room to plant, but I still don't have room for acorn or spaghetti squash.  I'm not sure where I'll put my cantaloupe or watermelon yet either.

Garden work continues.  We can't just down some high powered coffee, and walk out and simply plant.  We have to dump compost, rake it all over, till, pull the weeds, and then plant.

Green beans, yellow straight neck squash, zucchini, swiss chard, and cucumbers are planted.  I have more to plant of course.

It's so hot, this is a typical lunch break - apple, cold fruit, and ice cold water.  The day before I devoured an entire bowl of ice cold watermelon.  The problem?  No protein.  I need to buy salad fixings (until our lettuce grows), and keep some tuna and chicken on hand.  I'm just so exhausted, and in this heat, prefer a light cold meal.

Hubby and I spent time to also start weeding the front flower beds.  We have much more to weed and plant (in all the beds - vegetable, herb, flower).

My birthday is today, on Mother's day.  Mom said I was born on Mother's day.

Oldest Daughter gifted me this cute little ladybug with miniature roses in it.  Son shipped me a writing resource book and a movie.

I also got these:

I'll have more flower photos to share.  The surprised me with one more potted flower.

And there is a promise to take me to shop for a few more.  The funny part, is that he went to the store to get me potting soil, and all three who went shopping, forgot my potting soil.  

Right now my 15 year-old chef-in-training, is making my breakfast.   My birthday/Mother's day dinner is chicken/veggie kabobs grilled out, and an evening on the porch.  I'm sure Hubby will have a special birthday drink for me.  The kind for adults.  

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Amy Dingmann said...

Ever since we moved to the farm we haven't had any trouble sleeping at night. It's a good kind of tired though. :) Happy Birthday and mother's day to you. Enjoy your meal...and that after hours cocktail. ;)

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Amy, I've always looked at my birthday as "phooey I'm older" but after my Mom approached it with a blessing to be another year alive, I'm much more positive about it. This year I'm focused on weighing much less before I reach by next birthday.

Unknown said...

Looks good! When it's hot I always try to have roasted chicken, hummus, hard boiled eggs, etc. on hand for lunch/dinners. Easy to get too tired and not eat. Or greek yogurt might be good, high protein? Lucky to have that extra set of hands since you have a lot of room to plant, I envy that. I always ask for gift cards for Mom's day to a store to pick out herbs and flowers, fun! Love the ladybug :)

Kim said...

Happy Mothers Day! Today is hubs birthday. So we are sharing the day and the celebrations

Kim said...

Happy Mothers Day! Today is hubs birthday. So we are sharing the day and the celebrations

Mama Pea said...

Happy, happy birthday, my bloggy friend! Sounds like your special day will be one I would enjoy.

I know just what you mean about being tired to the bone! But I still think that beats being tired from stress and no physical work. I forgot to take my arnica last night after our day working out in the chilly temps and, boy, do I feel it this morning!

Your flowers, borders and work on the garden all look wonderful!

My Garden Diaries said...

Happy Birthday to you and Happy Mother's Day as well!!!!!! I hope your dinner was amazing!!! Your flowers are stunning! And I loved the part about that piece being garden art in the city but that now you use it for your seed planting! Such a great space to grow your garden! Have a great week!! Nicole xo

Michelle said...

I have the same problem. I have more plants then space. I had my husband build 3 raised beds. Have a feeling that won't be enough.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Nancy pp, thanks for the ideas. I love boiled eggs and I love homemade granola on greek yogurt. I'll have to stock up.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Kim, tell your Hubby Happy Birthday and I hope your Mother's day was fun and relaxing.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, you are right. Being tired from work is much better than stress.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you Nicole. Dinner was very good.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Michelle, Hubby wants to tear out the fallen loft in the big barn and make raised beds with the loft boards.

RB said...

Well Happy Birthday Kristina! I'm a Taurus too, May 12th. I don't know if it was Mother's Day that year or not, but I do know I was her first, so it was probably pretty special to her that year.

Youngest Brother Tom brought me a hanging basket and a bag of Hershey Kisses for Mother's Day. I was surprised because he's lived with me primarily since he was about 15-16 or so (he turned 50 this year), and I can't remember ever getting a Mother's Day present from him although I've gifted him many times for Father's Day (for being the Father of our many feather/furbabies). So this was pretty unexpected and appreciated.

With T.S. Ada roiling off our coast bringing plenty of rain and making outdoor work impossible, I tore apart the pantry on Saturday. Went through everything, organized and put back what was keepable Sunday, and I feel pretty darn good about getting that done. Now on to the cupboards, one at a time. Spring, don't you just love it!

God bless.


EMMA said...

A very happy 'belated' mothers day and birthday to you.
Things are warming up here too.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, we got some more rain last night.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you Emma!