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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Fromage Blanc - Goat's Milk Cheese

Using a gallon of our precious lamancha goat's milk, I made a new cheese.

Thanks to Candy's instructions on making this cheese, I acquired the culture and made a batch of Fromage Blanc cheese.

(draining into a large pot, with the cheese cloth tied to a long wooden spoon)

I let it sit over night and drained it in cheese cloth the next day.  By dinner time, I was able to taste it.

I'm thrilled with the results, and the bounty it makes.  I was inspired to make this cheese, because it freezes well.  And I can stock up for winter.  But, does anyone know how long this cheese will last in the freezer?

We tried it on crackers, and yesterday we tried it on a veggie omelet.  It's a drier cheese, and crumbles somewhat like feta.

I think I may try this cheese for our homemade crock pot mac n' cheese. 

What's next?  I'm thinking it's hot enough for a batch of homemade goat's milk ice cream, with homemade vanilla.  That actually sounds wonderful right now. 

I could use some ice cold ice cream after a very long gardening/yard work 83°F day.  And it's only May.


Sam I Am...... said...

I've been wanting to make cheese but haven't tried yet but I would have to use organic milk as I have no access to goat milk unless I use the canned goat milk from the store?
The North has been warmer than us on a few days or the same which to me is warm for Spring up there.
Oh, I went and got some ice cream the other day...butter fav! Happy Mother's Day!

Kristina said...

Sam I am, the canned goat's milk is too strong tasting. Nothing like the real thing. I think you can make butter from any whole milk, but whipping cream would make it better if you are buying from the store.

Mama Pea said...

How long will your new cheese last in the freezer? Ha! I wouldn't worry about it getting "old." I'm sure it will be gone, gone, gone way before then!

Wanna trade weather? Hubby and I just came in from working outside in jackets and knit hats. Temp is in the 40s but the windchill is supposedly making it feel like 39 degrees. And I can believe it. Took me a while to thaw out after coming in!

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, that weather is crazy! It's so humid here, the mosquitoes are having a party. The rain finally arrived to cool us off, but I think I sweat off a few pounds.

RB said...

Glad the cheese turned out so well. Very exciting!!! Looks a bit like one of the Spanish cheeses too, but can't remember the name.

By the way, in French, "Fromage" means cheese. "Blanc" means white. So you made "white cheese." Further, that it's from a goat or sheep, that makes it Chèvre Fromage Blanc (and if you look at the prices for that in a grocery store, it's not cheap).
A cow's milk cheese would be "fromage de vache" although in France, many cheeses include the region or town they were made in.

And remember you can always add various herbs (dill, parsley, etc.) and spices (pepper flakes) to it to make it different too, so if you end up with copious amounts, break it into batches and vary the ingredients for diverse tasty treats.

God bless.


Kristina said...

RB, thank you for that info. It was delicious. I thought about cutting some of the green onion or chives from the herb garden and mixing it in too.

RB said...

Chives would be tasty. Onions thought, even a tiny bit, might be too strong, taking over the delicate cheese.
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, funny you mention that. Hubby asked me if he could chop jalapenos into it, ha ha! He is a hot pepper man.

RB said...

I bet you could add finely minced jalapenos. Not too much though to begin with, until you find out the amount that's just right.

God bless.