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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas break ends for.... ~ My Herbal Journey

Normally, I'd start my morning around six o'clock, by putting wood in the wood stove, feeding barn cats, letting dogs out, and feeding house cats (all before a cup of coffee).

This morning?

My alarm went off at 2:35am, I slipped on shoes, brewed a pot of coffee and was out the door by 3:00am with Hubby, Son, and Youngest (one daughter didn't make it back out of bed, ha ha!).
I told the kids I was just going to sleep in my clothes, to make it easier, and I did.  Worked like a charm. 

Son's Christmas leave was over and needed to fly out today.  Yes I teared up at the airport, but you can't sit in the departure lane very long, so I had to let go of him sooner than I wanted too.

Thankfully, the weather held out for us.  Although it rained, the temperatures stayed up above freezing, and the snow is due to arrive later (now that his flight has departed and I've gotten a few more hours of sleep), along with "bitter cold" temperatures.

Alias, however, is confused. He's curled up in Son's bed, and normally he's up and walking around.  I'm sure the two miss each other already.

I'm finally back to putting together a binder with collected recipes for good health.  

I'm compiling recipes, instructions, tips and whatnot.  I've already started to collect ingredients (along with my home grown herbs) to mix up a "high calcium, bone building" tea.  

I have a long wish list of medicinal seeds for this coming spring herb garden as well.

As I look at the cover I printed, I see I left out "elixirs."  Hm.  I may have to re-print that as I compile.  I already have a "vinegar" to make this coming spring, and am pretty excited to continue my herbal journey.

The kids continue to bug me about having a facebook, but I am still saying no.  There is just so much propaganda my younger ones "share" that it's like reading a gossip magazine.  If it was all family stuff, then maybe.  And when you see anti-cop stuff posted?  Well, it grinds on my nerves (my brother is in law enforcement)....however, if the kids promise to be nice....

Son graduates in May, which could mean a 10 day leave, followed by orders to ship anywhere at this point.  And, Daughter may be moving two hours from here.  So....there is no rush to say yes just yet.

As for handiwork, I am slowly finishing up some projects I found while cleaning up.  I'll post them when I have a few finished.


My Garden Diaries said...

Can't wait to see all of those recipes! And I am sending you extra thoughts this morning as I can only imagine how hard it is to send off your kiddo. I am with you on the facebbok are a good mama! Stick to your guns you are doing the right thing! Best wishes with the week ahead! Nicole xo

Mama Pea said...

So wonderful to see them come home, but so hard to let them go. May will be here before we know it and he'll be home for another visit. (Keep telling Alias that!)

For some reason, today seems like New Year's Day to me . . . will I never get my days straight now? Our weather has plunged into the deep freeze (10 degrees BELOW zero) so we're hunkering down and staying in as much as possible today. I'll think of you finding time to work on those unfinished projects . . . I'll be in my quilt room! Or on the couch reading!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, as soon as I get my kitchen in order (from last night's last big dinner with Son), I plan to do some knitting or crocheting.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Nicole, I hope to find some very healthy herbal recipes to share soon. I do love growing my garden(s).

Michelle said...

It so hard when they have to go back to their base. Mine came home from China after two years away. Only to be able to stay 7 days then had to head back. That was several years ago but I still remember how hard it was. I need to learn more able herbs. I just started getting into it.

Mary said...

Years back, in the late '80s early '90s I studied herbs, it was fascinating, later frustrating. What bugged me the most was depending on what herbals I was reading, you got conflicting information. English herbalists advising one take a particular herb for headaches, etc.. or to strengthen bones (your reference brought this to mind) and another would warn of said herb's toxicity. I did enjoy it though, and I enjoy reading about your preparations.

I too agree with you on Facebook, I won't join it.. and I don't tolerate all this police officer bashing. These men and women put their lives on thr line daily and they deserve better than threats and harassment.

Please keep us posted on your wounded barn cat and Alias too.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Michelle, it is difficult to see them leave again. He skyped home already since he's arrived, but that doesn't always happen.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mary, you are right about frustrating. I keep getting different information. I do see the recipe for the "high calcium" tea in several books (some say use oatstraw, some do not).

I do see how my kids get into arguments over something posted and shared on facebook. There is too much bad influence and then people get swooned into the hype (at least I see it with the kids).

RB said...

Hearing what is shared here about military members leaving home to serve, how family members feel about that, brings back a lot of memories - happy and sad. Prayers for all serving, and for their loved ones at home, working to keep the home fires burning in their absence.

Regarding Facebook, because one gets to choose and set their own privacy settings there, they don't have to see anything posted on it they don't want to see. I, for instance, am set to "Friends Only" and that pretty much means I only see things posted by family members and friends with some of the same thoughts and values as myself.

What I enjoy about Facebook is, it's a good, safe place for family and friends to share their own family photographs without having to depend upon emails to do so, it's a good, safe place to store them too instead of tying up one's own hard drive with them, and if one has their privacy settings set to "Friends Only" no one else can see them but those one has chosen to accept as their friends.

But that's just what I enjoy about Facebook. I limit my activity there by not playing any of the games, clicking any of the ads, etc. I simply don't have time for all that anyway.

God bless.


Liz said...

I think I am caught up on all of your entries after my computer has been down before Christmas. You always amaze me but also inspire me with all of the wonderful things you do! I look forward to following you through 2015!

EMMA said...

Gosh it must be hard when children start moving away!!!
Hope you will be sharing some of your herbal wisdom with us.
I'm not on facebook either - don't like the sound of 'anti-cop' stuff!! - my favorite cousin ever is a wonderful Police Man!!!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Wow that is even a bit early for this farm girl:) B