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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Random Tidbits

Sunday mornings are my favorite here on the homestead. 

There is hardly any traffic whatsoever, and the pure sounds of nature are beautifully making music. 

  The stars could be seen well this morning too.

The only problem in the early mornings are the dogs.  Normally we share that responsibility, but Hubby is at work already today.  It was a "dog in, dog out" morning, and today I decided I need to buy myself a small voice recorder.  That way I can keep my thoughts from disappearing, take the dogs out and come back in to write them all out. 

Although Mom reminded me to turn back our clocks, I went to bed and forgot.  I got Hubby up an hour early because of it.  Why, oh why do we even do that hour thing?  It's a pain and messes us up. 
After I posted yesterday, I donned warm attire and trudged to the cold barn for eggs.  Wa-la!  I found 2 eggs.  With the one I had already, I had enough for a big batch of whole wheat pancakes to go with sausage and fried potatoes.  

Today, I am scrambling eggs with spinach, peppers and onions to go with leftover pancakes. But first, before I do that, I'm getting my 1,000 words cranked out.  And I need to do that before the kids get up.  When they get up, writing is more difficult. 

Then, I'll be heading out to the barn to see if the heat lamp helped the ladies squeeze out a few more eggs than before.  I spent a good time in the barn cleaning down cobwebs.   

Today, although a few more corn stalks need removed from the garden, I'm really going to avoid work.  For the first time all summer I think. 

 Five Minutes for Me ~ Coffee on the front porch.  I even got a back massage from our barn cat Sassy.  She is so loveable.  She met me on the porch and purred and loved on me, and I watched the sunrise.  It really doesn't feel as cold today as yesterday, and porch time was cozy (in may jammies, robe and slippers).


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Maybe your cell phone might have a voice record feature and you can say your pennies?
The chicks aren't laying much here either. They're slowing down a bit and we haven't even begun to get cold!
There were no clouds last night and the moon shone so A.M. this morning the moon had passed us by and it was so dark; when I shuffled off to the bathroom. Just shadows on the back pasture.

My Garden Diaries said...

Porch time is the best time! So wonderful to have fresh eggs! Your breakfast sounds fantastic! And I have no idea why we mess with the beans are all off now! Wishing you a wonderful November friend! Nicole xo