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Saturday, November 1, 2014

National Novel Writing Month ~ Recovery Room ~ My Herbal Journal

Today, I start writing a novel in one month.  It's National Novel Writing Month.  I've been participating in this for a few years now.  One day, one of these quick, fired up novels, will make it to print.  

Of course this month long writing does not suggest preparing ahead, so am starting with a blank slate this morning.

(Jesse in the "recovery room")

Yesterday, I started my morning by driving Jesse to the vet.  His surgery went well, and he's home recovering getting some much needed TLC.  His fatty tumor, however was much larger than we, or the vet had anticipated.  We could only feel a portion under his leg, and after surgery we were told it was 3-4 times larger, making it about 8 x 4 inches (or larger the way the vet explained).  So there is some concern on the healing of the "hole" left by the removal of the tumor.  Fatty tumors are typically not removed, but the location of this one would cause Jesse trouble in the future.

In drizzling, cold rain, I was behind the wheel most of the day (when I wished I was snuggled in warm sweatpants, and curled up on the sofa, sipping something of the warmer nature), but....  I hauled 200 lbs of a combination of wood pellets and chicken feed.  Of course they are not sold at the same store, but that job got done.

Although the house was a bit chilly, I opted to not start up the wood stove until this morning.  It wasn't really that bad inside.  It was cold, but after experiencing 20-some below zero last season, 43°F is just a cool breeze (ha ha!).

Although I say that, I woke up to a shivering cat at my feet at 5am, so I was up and fired up the wood stove.  It's getting toasty in here now, but we are bundled up in layers.  Hubby worked until midnight last night, so he's still snuggled up snoring.

My Herbal Journal:

. . . I am a firm believer of the power of Tea Tree Oil (please note disclaimer at the bottom of my blog, as I am only sharing my experience and not a doctor or professional herbalist).  I had a cut on my shin for about 3 weeks and peroxide and neosporin was not healing it.  Leg injuries take longer to heal, so I wasn't that concerned.  However, when it became infected, I did.  I applied tea tree oil two times a day and there is a considerable difference on the speed of healing.  Of course continuous daily exercise, and proper immune boosters help speed healing too (in my experience).

Do any of you have access to Jewelweed seeds?  I know it grows wild here in ditches, but I have not found it myself.  I am looking to plant some next season for medicinal purposes.  It's part of my "herbal" journey in living a more sustainable lifestyle.  I do see some Etsy folks selling the seeds too.  

The pioneers used catnip to rub on their body to deter mosquitoes, and I am finding that jewelweed is excellent in treating but bites, poison ivy and even varicose veins.  I will be experimenting with catnip next season too.  In the past I have infused a basil spray to deter mosquitoes, and may try the same method with catnip too.  I was told it (catnip) is more powerful than deet.  Has anyone used catnip?  Or jewelweed?  

It's getting light out already, so I must get this posted and get my novel started.  I do take this seriously, so this may thwart my housework "deep clean" plan. 


Mama Pea said...

I sure do admire the motivation it must take to get as much done in a day's time as you do, Kristina. Now squeezing in time to write a novel in the month of November . . . wow! I'm just starting to think about all the "extras" that must be done in the next month or two for the holidays. And your "deep cleaning?" I'll be happy to just corral all the dust bunnies and occasional bug body left over from summer!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, today will be a challenge for sure. One has to keep an eye on the recovering dog, Hubby has to work on daughter's car, wood needs hauled in and on the porch, and one needs an entire outfit for an upcoming choir concert. It will be tough to get anything done today.

Willow said...

Well you have a believer here I have sworn by Tea Tree Oil for quite some time now.
The novel in a month sounds like fun I wish I had the gumption to try it. Kudos to you.

Mary said...

One thing I've read is that you have to be careful with tea tree oil, it's not good to appy it to skin as is. It's supposed to be diluted with an oil. Not sure if it's because it could be irritating or like OTC antiseptics, it could kill off the good bacteria on oour skin. As an aside on the subject of catnip, I will never plant catnip again after my initial experience.. it is likely to destroy your garden. Cats aren't the only creatures who go hog wild over the herb, skunks and racoons are attracted intensely to it, and will have nightly flash mobs in your garden, chewing on it and rolling themselves in it, even long after they've destroyed the catnip plant. The scent will linger long after, and they will just keep coming. If that isn't enough to deter you, remember that the herb is in the mint family and will take over the garden if planted directly in the soil, due to it's hardy tap roots. I'd suggest you plant it in pots. It won't survive the wildlife, but at least you won't have to do battle in the garden on tap roots, if the plant managed to survive that is.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks for the tips Mary. I don't have to plant any catnip, because the last farmer here had it planted around the barns to keep the mice out. The cats do replant it here and there, but I do remove it from the flower beds. I just dry it.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Willow, I use tea tree oil to wipe down winter window mold and it's worked better than other cleaners too.

RB said...

I am a HUGE proponent of Tea Tree Oil, have used it regularly on my feet in a lotion and have tossed a capful of the oil in my bathwater too for years. I like the scent, but it's also suppose to be a great natural disinfectant.

I've ordered Jewelweed seeds through the years but have never had any luck getting it to grow here in Central NC. Most of my seeds I've gotten on Ebay.

I'm going to have to try the catnip. We always have a shock of it growing somewhere in the yard for our cats, and it's been pretty faithful about coming back up year after year.

God bless.