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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Routine ~ Pink

Yesterday I watched the sunrise whether I had intended to or not.  It's darker out now, and the sun rises later now.

Jesse is
the worst dog to take out.  I have to literally take a cup of coffee with me.  Taking my camera is a good idea too, now that the leaves are falling, corn is being harvested, and deer are prevalent (more sick deer in our state this year again, and pretty sure I don't want Hubby to get one for the freezer {they eat the gmo crops anyway}).

Back to Jesse.  He can't just go out and do his business and run back in.  He has to wander around, sniff around, leave his mark in about 30 places, sniff the air, bark here and there, wander way out and check the perimeter for invaders, mark his territory again, and then he comes back in.

I need to change up my routine with these dogs too.  Son got up every morning before the sunrise, and walked them all around the property.  I admit, getting dressed after sipping hot coffee in my cozy jams has not been the top of my "to-do" list.  However, they all get walks in the afternoons and sometimes evenings.

I decided, after I exercised, that I needed to get stuff returned to the library.  I had many new items to pick up too.  And guess what?!  They were at the end of a book sale and books were $1.00/bag.  Sigh.  I took a quick looksee, and found two cookbooks that I used to check out regularly.  Now I couldn't let them go, so I snatched those up.  To appease Hubby from scolding me, I brought him this:

It's his favorite movie, and we both could watch it over and over, so now he's got the book.  Hardcover too.

Mom came out for porch time yesterday too.  I'm so glad the weather is holding out for such time. I baked up a loaf of banana bread using some of our home canned applesauce.  She brought me coffee.  Mmmm!

Mom also surprised me and brought me some beautiful pink flowers.  So pretty!

Did you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month?  Are you sporting any pink?

 I'm cooking and baking with my "Think Pink" apron.

 I'm wearing shirts too.  This one says "I wear Pink for my Mom."

 My reading glasses are pink ribbon glasses this week.

I'm writing with pink pens this week too.

I'm shopping with my reusable "pink" shopping bags.

And today's sunrise had lots of pink in it.

Five Minutes for Me ~  Watching this morning's sunrise in my jammies on the front porch, with a cup of coffee.  It's wonderful out today.  In fact, I had expected a chilly morning, but it's warm out.  Perfect for camping.  Hm.  Could I convince Hubby the wood can still get split, while we rest with quiet nights at the campfire?  Hm..

This morning was gorgeous out.  It was so quiet that I could hear the wind kick up and the leaves break loose from the trees and swirl and crackle to the ground.  Beautiful. Peaceful.  It was my time with God, to give my "thanks" today.

Hubby finally rolled out of bed.  I showed him the sunrise he missed by sleeping in (but he truthfully deserved it).  I mentioned camping.  

He rolled his eyes.  

I batted my eyes (using that "pretty please" look).  

He went back to bed with a cup of hot coffee.  I'm not sure I have convinced him yet. 

1 comment:

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

{big grin}
cute post... keep batting your eyes at your hubby, even if you don't get to go camping soon, you know he likes it. LOL!
Hot coffee on the porch is nice... not walking the dog. Buster is the same way-- walking the dog isn't fun, when they have to make their rounds and do their sentry duties! (barking at the four corners of the property)
Such characters!
Haven't sported much pink---but I am aware. Good for you showing support and bless your Momma too!