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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Chicken Necks ~ Stress Related to Allergies? ~ Canned Tuna

I finally took the chicken necks from my freezer the other day, and today I will make homemade broth.  I will freeze it instead of can it, and most likely use about half of it before the current chickens are butchered.

I have never made broth from scratch (strangely), so this is a new step for me.  I've always purchased it (gmo-free, organic) from the grocer.  However, prices have gone up to over $4/box.

I got a four more batches of homemade condensed mushroom soup in my freezer too.  Chicken soup is next, of course after I get my broth made. 

Allergies and Stress?

I had been "playing around" on the internet the other day (oddly, because I typically don't have time for that), and came upon an article.  It stated, among other things, that stress  causes allergies to flare up worse than normal.  It has something to do with the cortisol levels in your body - the higher,  the worse your allergies are. 

You should have seen Hubby's face when I alerted him I am to have daily massages at the end of the day, sporadic soaks in the hot tub/bathtub (for totally low cortisol levels, he he), and my most favorite cure for allergies - hire a housekeeper. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Canned Tuna?

I'm still on the hunt for canned tuna that does not contain soy.  Did you even know there was soy in most canned tuna?  I had no idea.  I mean really. Why add anything to fish?  I had never read the label on it before.  Not until I started reading more about GMO foods.  Soy is a high risk (commercial production) crop, according to  If you want to dig a bit more into gmo related information, and organic labeling, visit the Cornucopia Institute's website.

Hubby and I are now seriously considering saving up to dig ourselves a pond.  We would stock it and fish from it for a food source.  I hear bluegill are delicious.'s in the "Possibilities Book" now.  


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I've always wanted a pond on our property. We have 4 acres...but I just think it's not enough for a big pond--after all, my daughter and SIL have a trailer on part of the property, then there is the pool, and the barn, chicken coop...and NOW my oldest son is currently building a Tiny be moved later. Eventually, the trailer will be moved later too--but just to crowded for a pond. Our neighbor lets the Honey fish on hers.
Now-- as to SOY. I did NOT know this about Tuna! That is news to me. The other thing...our Little Vince (newest grandson) is lactose intolerant and was in the ER at 11 days old--they put him on Soy. I've not done the research, but I'm not sure I like the idea of giving a baby soy formula. :/

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Pat, I would definitely research the facts about soy and gmo soy. I read today that even large amounts of organic soy are not good on your body.

Kelly said...

I've been reading about MSG's! Holy cow what's in our food is disgusting!!!!
My whole family feels better when we eat healthy. I wish it was every meal but life gets crazy and we run out of time :/

Liz said...

Soy has been said to cause breast cancer in women. Lots of the diet products/shakes that women now consume contain lots of soy. And blue gills are the best!!!

HeatherD76 said...

I had to go and look at my canned tuna to see if it had soy. Yup it did. I never knew tuna had soy. Sadly this is the only brand that we have found that we like, so we will have to deal with it.

Mama Pea said...

Soy is used as a filler in so many things. And I believe the same as you do . . . even organic soy is not good for us. We stopped using all soy and soy products (except for fermented soy sauce as the fermentation changes the "bad" in it) long ago. Vegetarians commonly use a lot of soy and I worry about their children ingesting it while their little bodies are growing so much.