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Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 4 - Brrr! Wanna Join our Pity Party?

Freezing temperatures again today - a cool -23°F wind chill.  And no we do not have any water in front part of the house - meaning no laundry, no washing dishes and one toilet not flushing (putting water in manually).  

I have to say I am really tired of this month already.  I'm trying to be positive, but simply down right tired of this.

To answer some questions, our older part of the house was built in the 30's.  There is no access to go under the house, and even so, very little space.  Remember the toilet leak?  Hubby had to cut through the bathroom floor to fix it (a foot space underneath it).  The newer part is on a concrete slab.

Yesterday, using the salamander heater, we were able to thaw out part of the house, giving us water to do some laundry, and take hot showers.  Today, those pipes are frozen again, despite leaving water run, doors open etc.  When we get very frigid windy weather, it's pretty much expected.  

Now, Hubby thinks that one wall may not even be insulated.  He's got a long "to-do" list after this winter is over, including checking on that wall and ceiling.

He is back to work today, and his brother-in-law is coming to take the heater to thaw his own water pipes.  So, no thawing out for us today.

Today, school is closed on account of the temperature.  Snow is due now, and they are calling for up to 4 inches by tonight, and another 3 on Sunday.  And guess what is joining the snow?  Wind.  Blowing snow.  This means my drive will be drifted in with possible 2 foot drifts and larger.  It's not a little driveway either.  We really need a snow fence.

To top things off, my shoulder is injured. Piercing pain to lift or even sleep on it.  I can't really get to the doctor until this weather lifts, and clears either.  I have to fill the pellet burner too.  Not fun, but at least I have the kids home today to help fetch wood and help lift the pellets.

So.  There you have it.  Our very own little pity party today.


Okay, if you have stayed with me this long, then you'll get to read that there is an "upside" to our demise.

I had made a trip to the library a few days ago, and brought home a book on Bavarian Crochet.  I taught myself how to do it, and started another baby blanket (photos coming soon, the sun isn't even up here yet this morning).  I did start a pair of baby booties, but with no schedule and snowed in, I've been a bit spontaneous.

I actually brought home about 20 books.  Many are recipe books, elixir recipe books, craft, and wood working.  So, I have a nice selection to browse when I feel like it.

I will be whipping up another batch of homemade hot chocolate for us today.  I did restock our jugs of water, so we have drinking water.

Hanging out all day in our jammies is another upside.  

And one last good note.  The kids rescued two local missing dogs last night.  Yesterday morning, I had been reading the weather on the computer, waiting for the pipes to thaw, and happened to see an article about two dogs missing in our area.  This was odd, considering we live on a country highway, and our neighbors are corn fields away from us.

So, I told my kids to watch out for them, when they are out with the dogs, or out at the barn.  Low and behold, my son had his cell phone on him, and called me early evening when it was dark out.  I brought in the one dog he was walking and sent out our 17 year-old daughter.  They were able to catch them (a 5 year old black Lab, and an 8 month old Great Dane), and eventually, reunite dogs with the owner.  The poor dogs were so tired from running and very hungry.  The owner's little boy was probably very happy last night to see the dogs again.  I'm so glad they found them when they did, considering last nights (and today's) freezing temperatures.  Had I not read that article, I would have not known, or known their names (which helped).



Kim said...

Hang in there, the sun will shine again.

Unknown said...

Yes, hang in there. And what's a salamander heater? Hope your shoulder will be ok, that doesn't sound good :(

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

The heater is a larger heater, run on propane. It's typically used to heat garages or work spaces in colder weather (not typically used for regular heat indoors).