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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

This and That


Here is a photo of the other crochet tension ring.  It's hard to get a close up photo.  Each one is different.  There are actually YouTube videos online, and other videos, to view how to use them.  

The rain is back.  Again.  I have a few new recipes to try.  No surprise there.  I seem to collect them again, but it's not all me ha ha!  My husband keeps finding a few for me to make.  One is a wrapped date recipe, but I am out of medjool dates right now.

We seriously need to hire someone to get up on the roof.  We need a net or whatever they call it installed on the chimney of the woodstove.  We had another bird fall into the woodstove.  Just another job added to the to-do list around here.

I used up a few more bags of our garden green beans in the freezer.  I have many more to use, so that is a good thing.   I actually doubled the most recent green bean dinner, so we have some to freeze for go-to quick meals, which seem to be needed around here lately.

A photo of the other half of the dinner.  I typically make it in the cast iron skillet and then heat it in the skillet to serve.  It is delicous.  I'll have another post regarding the seasoning in the near future.  By the way, remember the green bell pepper powder I made last summer (thanks to a bumper crop)?  I used it in this recipe, and we were very happy with the overall flavor.  

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Mother Em said...

Those tension rings are beautiful, especially the peacock one. Beautiful enough to wear! Been trying to get our deck demolished and replaced going on three weeks now in between rain and only two young gentlemen doing the work. Hope it is completed before too long. Our poor kitty likes to sunbathe on the deck, as well as putting out some of my "wanting-to-get-outside" houseplants. Don't get me started on the big rubber tree in the basement that we usually "drag out" and put under the deck. It's probably 40+ years old and begging to get out to get fresh air and sunshine!!! Enough on that. Have a great week and, yeah, don't get me started on the endless weeding! Mary in GA

Betsy said...

There is nothing like homegrown green beans from the freezer. Your's looks delicious. I always wonder why store bought frozen beans can't be good. They have no taste at all.

Anne in the kitchen said...

If I find an abundance of bell peppers I am going to try to make the pepper powder. Occasionally at the farmers market I can buy a box of peppers that are not pretty but still perfectly delicious for a song. I hope I find them along with misshapen tomatoes this summer.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mother Em, it takes me 5 times longer to weed, because of the boot on my foot, so it feels like weeding forever this spring. I sure hope you get your deck finished soon.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Betsy, my kids always hated helping me clean the beans, but we do appreciate them for sure.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Anne in the kitchen, I am so glad we had a bumper crop, so I could make the bell pepper powder. I put a bunch of peppers in the freezer too. I hope to make more powder this year.

Debi said...

I've never heard of the tension rings for crocheting, but they sound like a good idea, especially since my crocheting usually turns out kind of wonky!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Debi, I have seen them for sale here and there, but never thought to buy one.