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Thursday, September 14, 2023

Rosemary Propagation

 I have never been good at keeping a rosemary plant alive during winter indoors.  It will not last outdoors in our climate, so they are dug up and brought inside.

I took a cutting from my outdoor plant, and put it in water, changing the water daily.  I forgot to write the initial start date, but....

It began to get one root in June.  That root took off, and eventually it fell off, and then I checked again, and it had 4 roots.  

I planted it indoors. Here's to hoping I can keep it alive all winter, and not have to buy new plants in the spring.  I figured, if I have a few extra plants, I have a better chance ha ha!

Here it is in August, and it has new life showing.  So happy!  By the way, the top turned brown at the beginning of potting this, so I cut back on the water.  I also used soil specified for cactus type plants.  If I can keep it alive all winter, I can start my own plants in the spring again, and not have to buy them.

Here is a photo of the current growth.  I'm so happy.

I enjoyed doing this, considering you could do this to sell plants, or share with family/friends too.  Maybe a barter?  With this day and age, we need to all help each other.  Everyone I know is broke right now, or struggling with the high prices.

I attempted to propagate a few more cuttings too, but I think the earlier in the season works much better.  It's in it's growing stage then, so your success rate is better.


Katie C. said...

Looks good to me. I’m trying the same thing with basil

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Katie C, I wish I did that with basil too. I have only one outdoor plant right now, because I forgot to water the indoor one (ha ha!). Sigh. I must do better. I use basil a lot too.

Leigh said...

This is good to know! My rosemary is outside and amazingly managed to survive last winter (which was our coldest ever). But many of the branches were killed so it's very scraggly looking. I should try your idea.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Leigh, our rosemary only lived one winter here. It has to be dug up and brought in. I may also try putting the outdoor rosemary in the same type of soil this fall and see if that will help keep it alive.