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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Hot Peppers, Garden Updates, and other Tidbits ~ Released from Kitchen Captivity


I've gotten most of the jalapenos sliced and frozen for the winter/spring season.  I used a few to make another batch of fresh salsa as well.  There are a few more hot peppers to pick yet.

I canned one batch of hot pepper relish, using up the hot banana peppers, two bell peppers and some jalapenos.  I am not getting enough hot banana peppers to make it twice.  I'm okay with that.

We are still enjoying our slicer tomatoes for meals like tacos, breakfast side dish, topped on burgers, or in other meals.  

I will do a re-check on our hot pepper jelly, but I honestly don't feel I will get enough hot peppers over all to can any this season.  The evenings are dipping to the 40's here, so unless we heat up again, the plants won't last much longer. 

We never did get any fall planting done.  Life can throw a wrench in your plans once in a while.

We hope to get back to the chicken coop this week, during evenings.  It's on the top of the list right now.  The floor in the old coop is about to give way.  I had to crawl inside to fetch an egg, that one of the littles laid on the floor of the coop.  The floor is not in good shape right now.

My husband has been battling ear pain, but twice at the doctor, they said they see nothing wrong with him.  The ear pain is slowing down projects, so I am praying it gets better, or he'll have to go get x-rays or something.  He has ear drops, but he cannot sleep well, and days at work are rough with ear pain.

It's a freeing, and exhilarating moment, when you wash, dry and put away the "big pots."  It's even more freeing, when you can put the canner pot back in storage (even if it's for a weeks or months).  I have felt like I have been released from kitchen captivity!!   


Debi said...

It's always such a relief when I can start putting away some of the food preservation stuff. Sorry about your husband's ear pain. Hope it goes away or you can figure out the cause. I haven't planted any fall crops yet either. I have garlic that needs to be planted soon.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Debi, voles have gotten my garlic two years in a row, so I spring planted in grow bags. They got them again, so we are building a raised bed that will be tall, to keep them out. Voles can't climb well.