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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Whipped Feta Dip Trial #1 ~ Asparagus ~ Mexican Breakfast Skillet Tidbits


We really liked the flavor in this first recipe we tried, for Whipped Feta Dip.  The recipe stated to heat the hot honey with the red pepper flakes.  First, this recipe used sour cream, so it whipped up to a very light dip.  We prefer a thicker dip, so we will be "whipping" up (ha ha) a trial #2 soon with another recipe.  If you want this recipe, it is online with Greens and Chocolate - Whipped Feta with Honey Honey.

Results:  Very good flavor!  Just not thick enough for our liking.  We did top it with chives from our herb garden.

Tip:  Make the dip at the same time you heat the honey, so it is room temperature.  Otherwise the honey will harden on the dip.  Also, we felt this was way too much for 2 people, so consider cutting the recipe in half, unless you are entertaining.  

We are still getting asparagus from the garden.  We are thankful for that, but I still need to dig up the raspberry sprouts in that part of the garden.  It's just been to dry to dig them up.

The recipe for the Mexican Breakfast Skillet is online at The Kitchen Magpie.  I used garden tomatoes we froze last year, as it needed to be used.  I did not can stewed tomatoes, so I created my own, with the thawed tomatoes.  If you canned stewed it would be a perfect way to use them.  Very good!  I added some jalapenos.  It would be great for lunch or dinner too.  It reheated nicely.


Faith said...

that dip looks good and with a little heat...yum, I planted Asparagus last year it came back maybe next year we will get one or two what a hoot!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Faith, the dip was good! I know what you mean about a few asparagus. We expanded our patch over the last two years. Yum!