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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Reflecting and a plead to help my Mom

Our younger daughter is in crisis mode.  She won't be going to state competition, as it's canceled.  She may not have prom, or even graduation.  I may have to cancel her graduation party if this stuff doesn't clear up.   Seniors graduating this year are very torn right now.

She does have homework, and the school provided computers as well.  I can only pray that her life events she was looking forward to, will just be delayed.  I guess she can still practice hair-do's on me.  

Her job interview has been delayed, as that salon has now closed.  

Colleges are canceling commencements and sending students home (all told to leave campus).

I've sent text messages trying to get in touch with my older 3 kids, but two haven't answered.

They have not enforced a lockdown, but keep talking about it.  Why not just do it now and prevent more spread?  

Although I've debated to "close" my farm store, I will be restocking.  I can't take an order, not knowing if my nearest post office will close (they are already down to 2 hours a weekday).  To be honest, we are doing self quarantine.

I hope you are all okay through all of this right now.  I am sure with all of our self-sufficiency skills we are well educated on surviving through it all.  I bet people who made fun of me and my weeds and such, are not laughing now.  

By the way, my Mom is trying to order elderberry syrup online and can't find it.  Even MRH is sold out.  If you know of a resource, please comment, so I can order it and have it sent to her home direct.  I can't even find dried elderberries for her that are not price hiked right now.  Please and thank you!


Faith said...

I hear you Kristine, my son is graduating as well this year. His class trip to England/Ireland trip was cancelled, as well as his Eagle Scout Recognition dinner. Threw him into a bit of a funk, they are talking no school at all. It is difficult for me as an adult to wrap my head around this, I cannot imagine being 18. I had to laugh at your crochet picture, as I have been also moving the hook rather rapidly trying to keep from going nuts as well. Our routine is all caddy wampus. GOV. DeWine is doing a good job trying to keep this thing at bay, and stay ahead of that curve.Well, take care, stay well. At least we can converse safely hear in numbers. I'll keep my eyes open about the Elderberries.

Susan said...

Kristina, I have dried elderberries, if you want them - send me an email.

Kristina said...

Thanks Susan, I just heard from her and she was able to get it in another form (capsule or gummie, can't remember). She is good for 30 days right now.

Kristina said...

Thanks Faith, it is crazy, and the talk of a lock down, but nothing yet. Crazy how many college students swarmed the Florida beaches during all this too.

Lady Locust said...

I love that little picture - Too funny! Also, glad your mom found EBs. I have a half bottle of tincture I was going to offer. I really need to pick elderberries this year. I was struggling to keep up last fall when they were ripe so didn't pick any.

Carol said...

I hate this for the seniors as well. It seems so unfair that all they have worked for is going out the window. I have friends that have lost jobs and my daughter is a single mom and is now working 2 days a week. It is crazy!

Leigh said...

I feel badly for your daughter. So ready to get on with life! Young people don't like being put on hold!

I see in the comments that you found the help for your mom. The internet community is wonderful for that!

Kristina said...

Lady Locust, our two trees we planted were ruined by deer. I need to find bigger trees to plant this year.

Kristina said...

Carol, it really does stink for the elderly. Stores here are finally making an hour just for them to shop now. They should have done it earlier.

Kristina said...

Yes, thanks Leigh