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Thursday, March 19, 2020


These are hard to find this time of year, but I was thankful to get 3 bunches during my last shopping trip.  I blanched and got them in the freezer for the next few weeks.  My stash was very low (dandelion greens).

I made a few "cans" of condensed mushroom soup.  One package of mushrooms goes a long way and they boost your immune system.  I tossed in some fresh thyme for medicinal purposes.

I found out my car was never trailered to our handyman's house, and he has not been working on it.  Double grr.  Guess when this is all over, we will go get it somehow and just work on it ourselves when we can.....not that we can go anywhere right now.

Our state has now closed spas, salon's, barbers, tattoo parlors, and all Jeep and other vehicle manufacturers, but my husband still has to work with 300 plus people.  They are told to get those touch-less temperature reading gadgets and use them constantly.  I am told by Hubby that they do no lack hand sanitizer there though.  First of all, the government should be supplying the thermometers considering they have not shut them down too yet. They should also supply facemasks for large places that are still required to work.

I have not heard back from the two older daughters, but one is a trainer at a gym so I know she lost that job, but they all still are working during this.

Traffic is still pretty good going by our house, but moreso semi-trailer trucks (working their bum off right now).

Also, in our state, you cannot get tested for the virus unless you are hospitalized and have serious symptoms.  I am reading about locals taking their kids to the emergency room with all the symptoms (not being tested), and sent home with medications and told to "ride it out."  We lack testing kits.  A good friend of mine, has a daughter that got sick and was told to leave her work and not return until she had a negative test.  You can't get the test, unless you doctor orders it or you are hospitalized.  It's madness I tell you.

We are huddling around to watch the news more often.  They continue to require more shut downs, and I heard that liquor stores may be shut down next.  I guess we'll see.

I wish I taught my Mom how to skype.  I can call her, but can't see her.  I have no idea how my Dad is right now.  He does not use his computer for email, and doesn't answer his phone.  They only check in's I have done are in person, and I can't do those either. My younger brother checks in on him, so I can get updates that way.

I hope you are all safe, and I am continuing to pray for this country.


Faith said...

Roses, are also my favorite especially the heirloom variety the have a wonderful fragrance. I've seen some dandilions are Acme a few weeks ago now. I suppose you could walk into any grocery store and still vegatables. Toilet Paper not so much. To each their own. I'll take the Dandy's. What do you do with yours? Thanks for stopping over my place & leaving a comment.

Rebecca Knox said...

Am praying over you and your family, Kristina...especially your mom and dad. I'm going to go out later...even though our yard is a swamp right now...and look for dandelion greens to add to salads. I have another big jar of sprouts just about ready for eating, too. You all keep doing what you're doing and stay well. Blessings! <3

Bovey Belle said...

Sorry to hear that it's bad where you are, and you must be so worried about your parents, and of course your husband having to work with so many other people.

Things aren't too grand here in the UK either - I just want them to put everyone on lock-down and get this under control, but we seem to drift from day to day - worryingly. We are more fortunate than many - only 7 cases recorded in our county and that figure has stayed stable for several days now. Fingers crossed it won't suddenly increase. We are in Wales, and live in a very rural community, thank heavens . . . Keep safe.

Debby Flowers said...

Thank you for posting Kristina, we are all doing the best we can.

Kristina said...

Faith, I rinse them, cut them into bite size pieces and blanch and freeze the dandelions. I use them in anything that I can put greens in.

Kristina said...

Thanks Rebecca

Kristina said...

Thanks Bovey, I think our state has over 100 cases now, but the numbers keep changing. It doesn't make sense. They tell us it's increasing due to testing, but they say you can't be tested unless your doctor orders it or you are hospitalized.

Kristina said...

Debby, thank you so much for the beans you sent. It is inspiring me to think all things garden. Can you tell me the name of them again?