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Friday, March 20, 2020

Rain and other tidbits

Oddly, it's a picture-less post.  Youngest and I have been cleaning like crazy.  We resume today again.  Just to be sure.

Mom is face-timing with the grand kids and that keeps her smiling.  My one daughter has been making sure she gets what she needs as well.  

Hubby still goes to work.  They were given face masks that look like gas masks, but they are not taking temps.  They can't find the touch-less thermometers, as every business till open is buying them.  His job is "essential" and they have no plans to shut down.

Funny how gas prices drop so low, and we can't go anywhere.

We have a friend that returns from FL this Saturday.  We'll make sure we do not go near anyone she knows.  She needs to lock herself up for 14 days.

Campgrounds and the like are now closed. Prisoners with low risk are to be let out early, and now they talking about possibly closing all daycares (left open for essential workers like nurses and doctors).

You probably saw, there is a travel ban now into the U.S.  I have an old high school friend in Thailand and cannot get to the US now.  His flight was canceled after the travel ban.

Nothing really exciting to share, other than I got my seed orders in.  There was talk they were cutting back on staff and shipping was delayed, so I'm praying my order still goes through.  

I can't work outside, although the temperature will be nice today.  The rain is coming down, and last night predictions of tornadoes.

I was thrilled to bring in 5 eggs yesterday.  They are starting to lay more.  I'm rationing their food, and giving them any scraps I can give them.  

I had to order washing soda on Amazon.  The last time I went to shop, it was sold out.  It has arrived, so that's good.

I've been sending emails to check in on family lately.  My sister in MI said she is good.  The stores they run are still open for business (they sell convenience items).  One cousin and my son drive semi, and those are still going.  I had to message one cousin to check in on her sister who lives in CA.  No words back, and someone said they are in lock down.  

I am crocheting in the evenings, but no more than usual.  I am deep cleaning which takes more time, but I really want to make sure our house remains clean during self quarantine, since Hubby still leaves the house.  It's not really bothering me being home, other than I cannot visit Mom or Dad or my other kids.

The Governor stated there was a death in a town where my one brother works, but they have not yet confirmed if the virus was the reason.

Again, I hope you are all doing okay during this isolation and pandemic.  Praying for us all right now.


Cockeyed Jo said...

Kristina,pictureless is fine. Raining here too! Mud everywhere!

Kristina said...

Cockeyed Jo, mud everywhere here too.

RB said...

Perhaps touchless thermometers might be available on Amazon. I got my N95/N99 face mask there, but there weren't many reusable ones left, only disposables which we're suppose to leave for medical personnel, and I respect that. I wonder why Amazon hasn't just donated what they have left. It'll never be enough. Trump said he had a couple million ordered. One of his staff said 500 million. But then there was a medical scientist on tv that said to cover a population the size of the US, you'd need over 5 billion. Some hospitals are in such dire need, they have ladies sewing ones for them, and then they wash them after each use.
Never thought I'd see a time like this, but then if we remember history, our grandmothers probably did with the 1918 virus that killed so many of their children. Sad times.
Mostly staying home. Will go out in the yard, but not much cause it's yellow pollen time here now. If it's not one thing, it's another, isn't it.
Maybe this isolation is the Lord's way of telling us to get on our knees and pray. I've been doing that so much, I feel a bit blank, if you know what I mean.
But Bro Tom is getting tested at the assisted living home he works at. If he comes home sick, he'll have to isolate in the cabin, cause I have to stay in the house cause I have to live somewhere.
Wherever we are, online or off, just give each other hope. And remember your neighbors and their children who might have been getting school lunches and now are not, that maybe you can set some sandwiches and fruit out for them on your porch in a cooler.
We just have to pray and stick together, and remember - miracles DO happen. Lord, we need one now, in Christ Jesus name. AMEN!!!
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, I got word last night that Hubby's work was getting some thermometers now. A few anyway. I take his temp before he leaves for work too.