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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Good Day ~ Imponderabilia

Yesterday went much smoother.  Thankful for that.  The sun shined, although pretty cold.  Before Hubby left for work, I loaded the back seat with 3 large bags of library returns.  I texted him late in the day to remind him to drop them off.  Of course, I had a load to pick up as well.  I've decided not to order anything from the library until the car is fixed.

By the way.  Just my luck.  Hubby worked overtime last night, so the library books are still in the truck. 😟

I worked a bit in my office area, and even completely cleaned out a drawer. Much of it went into the trash, but some will be donated.  

I am finally getting the tinctures strained and bottled.  I had to do this one day at a time, due to lack of strainers.  I had to wash and dry completely, so I didn't contaminate the tinctures with any water.

The only other thing I needed to do in the kitchen (other than a big dinner), was make blueberry syrup for the pancakes.  The pancakes will get us by, while the eggs re-supply.

My latest choice of rooster that's in with the ladies is doing well. So far, he's picking up on my cue to treats and being a nice gent.  Hopefully, he'll stay that way.  I just need to give him a name.

The fate of the car - imponderabilia.  We are getting frustrated trying to "ponder" about this situation. There is a possibility we may have to trailer the car home.  Sigh.  They want there garage space back and the car isn't running yet.   And....and...the only way to back it out, is to push it out.  Sideways, into a muddy field.  Their camper is in the driveway.  To be honest, the first thing I asked Hubby (when I saw the car) was, "how in the heck did you get it in here?"

It'll be up to 52°F this weekend.  There is no way they can get a truck, trailer and car through a muddy field (adjacent to the driveway).  The camper will have to be moved if we trailer it.  What a mess. 

This morning however, it's a chilly 8°F.  Just love this up and down stuff.  Not.


RB said...

My day was better here too. Bro Tom's, however, was not. When he got done working an entire day of work, his truck wouldn't start. Luckily he got a ride nearby from a co-worker. How he's going to get to work in the morning in questionable though. Don't you just hate cars and trucks sometimes?
Prayers for all to get things better. It's sure needed for many of us.
God bless.

Kristina said...

Thanks RB