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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, June 18, 2018

Herbal/Weed Tea ~ Jam

My latest favorite infection fighting tea.  My antibiotics (blech) were not kicking the phlegm from the sinus infection, so I brewed up 1 tsp. dried homegrown thyme and added 1 tsp. dried mullein weed and honey.  I drank this 4 x day and poof!  Much better.  Cough nearly disappeared after about 3 mugs of it too.

I'm getting some reduced sugar, strawberry jam made.  Mm!

The popcorn is finally planted, the remaining tilling done, but will need done a second time (too wet) to finish the planting.

Current "extreme clean" project - double wide bookshelf.  Purging, dusting, moving bookshelf.  There is much more that is not even in the photo - crafting books, bibles, photo albums, fiction books, kiddo is already looting through it to find something to read this summer, ha ha!

We hit a high of 95°F yesterday - heat index of 104°F.  Same today, and if we are lucky a few degrees cooler.  The rain didn't arrive during the night, but will arrive tonight.  It's been too hot to cook, clean or anything for that matter.  No way am I weeding today.  


Leigh said...

Thanks for this! I'm glad to hear it worked. I really need to grow some mullein. I used it in my son's asthma formula and it works a treat for respiratory problems. It grows around here, but I can't be sure it isn't sprayed. Personally I think it looks more like an herb than a weed, so I should definitely grow my own.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Leigh, I tried growing mullein in pot, and it died after one season. I'm trying to work out an area where I can direct plant it where it won't invade my gardens.

Lady Jane said...

I am saving this as my hubby has a lot of radiation induced phlegm. It is with him always and I hope this will give him some relief. Where does one find mullein? hugs, lj

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Lady Jane, you can buy it online from most health stores. Mountain Rose Herbs sells it organic too. Be sure to make sure with doctor that these three ingredients are okay to take when getting radiation too. Some herbs/weeds can cause reactions with some medications etc.