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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Saturday, December 16, 2017

All Things go Wrong ~ Granny Squares

Just when I think we are gaining, the all-things-go-wrong storm continued.  

The chicken barn door froze to the ground, daughter's work called her in, so no car was available to pick up anything (when I was about to head out the door to do that), chicken feed can was emptied, fire wood ran out.....I'm trying to be the half-full kinda gal, but man.

The truck is running, but the car is not.  Daughter is paying for parts but her dental bill arrived ($300.00).  We are now not even sure she can afford the car insurance let alone the repairs needed (maybe $160.00 plus).

Well, I dug through the un-split felled tree and pulled a sled full of wood to the house.  The "glass is still half full."  At least I gained on that troubling situation.

My most depressing moment was calling the hotel and canceling our anniversary trip.  I had exactly enough earned from my recent craft sales, until truck parts were needed.  I'll admit this was a tough pill to swallow, as we have not been out on our anniversary for over 17-18 years and we are going on 20.  I sulked and sighed, and dug through my pantry for comfort food.  

I came up with a cheese and cowboy candy grilled sandwich and home canned tomato soup.  It helped, but it took an entire day for me maturely wipe those oh-poor-me emotions from my head.  A bottle of wine would have come in handy.  I got over it and pulled on my "big girl panties."

I pulled back my shoulders, ate a few pieces of fudge, turned on the Christmas music and told myself, "it could be worse."

Granny squares were created by the numbers to de-stress.  Or at least it looks that way.  The dogs, thankfully were troopers and slept quietly by the wood stove.  Most of the time.


Vicki said...

Sorry to hear of your troubles. Seems like when things begin to go wrong, they just sort of avalanche. Hang in there, Kristina. This, too, shall pass.

Rain said...

Oh no Kristina...I'm so sorry that you can't take your trip. Gosh, yes it CAN be worse, but why should it happen to US?? Fudge helps...I kind of sympathize with you in that our plans to buy a house may have to be put on hold for a further year, until we find out what the nimrod is going to do with his two dogs...abandon them permanently or take them back...and if so, when??? It's frustrating...hell, I might just have to make myself some fudge. Hope things get better. I have a muffler that is making a LOT of noise...I keep putting it off but eventually I have to find some money to get it fixed.

Kristina said...

Vicki, we are hanging on for sure. Last night of all things, our daughter called us. She drove my car to work, and it left her stranded at the gas pump. We had to drive over and jump it and figure out what was wrong. Now the temperature gauge won't work.

Kristina said...

Rain, you cracked me up about making fudge. Thanks for the laugh, I needed it badly. I sure hope you get your repairs fixed. We had another car break down last night, and at the same time a family member was broke down too.

Susan said...

Life under Murphy’s Law stinks! It is so frustrating to get a little ahead and then find yourself going five steps back. I hope you car problems get resolved soon!

Debby Flowers said...

Hi Kristina, just getting caught up on my blog reading - Sounds like a very crumby day! I find it helps to remind myself of all the good things we have in our lives - you are right, it could always be worse and probably has been! Better days will come, hang in there!

Saw your previous post - have you figured out what kind of critter that is? Could it be a big cat - really big? Do you have mountain lions around there? Or maybe a really big feral one?

Warm wishes to you and your family! Debby

Katmom said...

Oh Kristina,, I wish I had the words to help you... but alas, all I can do is tell you I will contine to wrap you and your family in prayers.. 'The glass may be only 1/2 full now,,, but hopefully it will be full through out 2018..

Kristina said...

Susan, I agree. I need a break from it. Now my car too? Ugh.

Kristina said...

Debby, thanks. I hope we get a break. The animal most likely is a fox. We saw one a few days prior. It was bitter cold too, so all wild animals were looking for their next meal.

Kristina said...

Thanks Katmom!