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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, November 14, 2016

This and That

The moon was nice and bright last night.  I haven't looked this morning, but they say it will be visible like this today too.

Rain barrels are all emptied, flipped over and in place for winter now.  Expandable downspouts are in place, but I need a few more pieces to complete them.

My weed cart has been sitting, begging me to empty it, and finish weeding the roses.  I'm still gutting out the garden, and hope to get the last minute tilling done wood, but who knows.  I have one last raised bed to weed out.  Hubby and I took off on ride with a friend yesterday.  I declare, we'll not get our work done, ha ha.  

Dallas the cantankerous goat has been staying in his stall lately. Thank goodness.

The red fox has not left.  I've seen him every day now, and several times on our property.  One morning, in which I had a stress-induced migraine, I walked out the door in pajamas, and my coffee to take the oldest dog (Jesse) out.  He is very good at staying on the property, however when I called for him, that darn fox walked around the wood barn (just yards from me) and came towards me.  Not running away either, like a fox should do.  I called for a daughter, and she grabbed the hoe of all things and went looking for Jesse.  It's kind of hard to run in slippers and a big fat, blown headache.

I contacted our game warden.  I'm told that I do not need a permit to kill a fur bearing animal on my property.  It's fur season here, so on our property, we can take care of the problem ourselves.  The only problem is that he appears for a very short time, and it gone quickly.  He's stalking my hens, and I cannot let them outside at all.  Unless I want to walk around and see where he's bedding down.  I have a feeling he's burrowing in a hole under our barn closest to the house.  We heard him calling this morning, and all dogs had to be on a leash to go out.  Hubby even went out looking for him this morning.  If we can't get it ourselves, we'll have to have them trap it and relocate it.  My hens deserve some dirt and daylight.  I'm going to block that hole today too.  If I remember.

Other than that, It's back to work today.  We are going to bottle our pear wine tonight, and reuse old bottles we saved.  We tasted it yesterday, and it's pretty good.  A lot of work, for not much wine, but it's a beginning to a new adventure for us.  Who knows, if times get tough and there is another recession we'll be prepared in more ways than we were before.  We feel a bit more confident and will add more grapes to our vineyard.

My sticky notes are back.  I've tried to keep my notebook method, but the sticky notes win again.  I hope to be crossing them off by Friday of this week.


Mama Pea said...

Darn fox. I know foxes deserve to live their lives, too, but your hens need to be out and about now while the weather is still nice.

This continued warmer than usual weather with no snow (overdo for us!) certainly makes it easy to get more of the clean-up done outside, doesn't it? Some days I wish Mother Nature would put a stop to it so I can hunker down inside! (Never satisfied, am I?) :o)

Susan said...

I can't function without my sticky notes. They are everywhere! Good luck fixing your fox problem. I am glad that I have a nice, high fence around my chicken area, but there are times when I'd like to let them roam more freely. Hope you are feeling better - migraines are awful.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, we are trying to run it off when we see it, but we think he was inside the old big barn. The dogs keep sniffing around there. Oh boy, do I still have outdoor work to do. I am just trying to get done what I can.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, the kids make fun of my sticky notes, but I do get them done and down. Yeah, the headaches are no fun and I can't function on all cylinders to get my work done either.

RB said...

While I abhor killing animals one isn't going to eat, when one has a farm, one has the responsibility to keep the animals they shelter there safe too, so it's a hard choice to make, but is often necessary.
Maybe you can try to have someone trap and relocate it first, if it's possible.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, the game warden told us they would come out and trap it if it would not leave. We made an attempt to run it off yesterday.