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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Comfrey Salve

It's time for some salve making to happen.  Ideally this would be much easier in the summer when the coconut oil is already melted in the jar.

I used my crock pot this time, so I didn't have to watch the stove.  I just put a dishcloth in the bottom, to make sure my jar didn't break.

Once the oil was infused with the comfrey, I strained it, added melted beeswax and poured it into the container.
(Some of the beeswax started to harden as I poured the warm oil into it)

I made a small batch - 1 cup dried comfrey and
1 cup coconut oil (measured after melted), and 1 1/2 tsp. beeswax.  

It filled 1 half-pint jar.  You can double this too. It hardened nicely.

This is my first time making comfrey salve.  I have, in the past, made "healing salve" using comfrey and calendula.

I recently picked up more books from the library.  I may be experimenting more.  I've been using the salve on my hands this week.  My knuckles were getting sore with this cold weather arriving, the work load outdoors, and the food processing indoors.

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