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Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Anise Seed Tea

Waking up on Friday, with my stomach churning, and in digestional-mahem, I was the "guinea pig" of trying the anise seed tea.  

Looking up the benefits and healing properties, it fit the bill.

It's not as strong as fennel, and not over-bearing in flavor.  I crushed a teaspoon, poured boiling water over, and infused.  I have a reusable tea infuser.

Drain and drink.  I tell ya'.  I'll be making sure I keep anise seed (organic, non-gmo) in my pantry for the reason it worked in two cups (had them within 3-4 hours.  If you google it, there is a good list of how it can help heal certain issues.  

I was desperate.  I wanted a motorcycle ride, in which Hubby specifically (weather was high 70's before we crash to the 30's this weekend) took the day off for, and woke up feeling not so good.  

I am also glad to say....

Our 17 year-old passed her driver's test and is now a bonafide driver.  Now I have an extra driver.  Yay!!  She wants to get a job right away, but we really want her to wait until she has graduated.  Holding a job and going to high school is very tough, as we found out with our oldest daughter.  Oh...this means buying another vehicle.  Eventually.  

It's raining, windy, dark and dreary today.  Sounds like the start of a poem, ha ha!  Hubby has already told me the pollen content is too high for me to be outside and we should stay inside.  What a jokester he is.  He is trying to put off work we have already put off.  Several times.  

Once the coffee has kicked in, we'll have a lumber jack breakfast and hop to it.  Hopefully. 


Kim said...

Yea on the tea, the new driver and hubs sense of humor!

Maybe the daughter could find something to do at home to make money. I crocheted and sold my items for my first car and years worth of insurance. Now sure all of that was only $3000, but hey it was in tge 70's. Maybe more chickens and sell eggs? Or heck she could raise a calf or 2 on pasture come spring time and sell them early fall? Just thoughts!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Kim, thanks. Those are all good ideas!

RB said...

That's interesting about the anise seed tea. I remember a school nurse back in the Dark Ages of the 60s who often gave us peppermint tea for upset tummies too.
Been fighting a mild sinus infection for weeks and weeks - can't seem to kick it. Any tea good for that?
I hope everyone's having fun getting reading for Thanksgiving, and that it will be a blessedly safe holiday for them too.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, if you can get the wild growing weed, mullein, it is great for fighting off a sinus infection. In fact, I made a tincture with mullein for just that too. I think you can purchase it from health stores and online health stores too.