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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tomatoes, Oh Joy Tomatoes! ~ Tidbits

Tomato-Herb Jam.  I just couldn't help myself.  I had just enough ripe tomatoes to make this, so I did.  It's a first time recipe.  Another BHG recipe.

Unlike tomato-basil jam, it uses zero pectin, and simply sugar.  It's more of a sauce than a jam.  They call it "adult ketchup" because you use a bit of pinot grigio to make it.  Now I have this opened bottle of pinot that is chilling for dinner.

I picked tomatoes yesterday, and some are starting to fall off the plants on their own.  The plants are dying off, but the tomatoes are holding out.  I brought in a few green ones and baked one more green tomato cake.  In fact, it was cooling when Hubby stole me away on a motorcycle ride.  When we arrived home, half the cake was gone, ha ha!  It truly is one that the family absolutely loves.  I use Paula Dean's recipe, but use organic raisins vs. golden raisins, and I do not use butter in the frosting.  I also use locally grown walnuts, which I am just about out of.  This is the only time of year they get this cake.  My family is so spoiled.

As for the motorcycle ride, we located an old diner that we did not even know existed.  Hubby was in heaven - best ribs ever, and 5 time winner at the state fair.  I'm not sure where they get their meat, but he was so happy, he took me on a long, out in the country ride after that.  I just love that guy!

Tomato tally as of yesterday's picking, was a whopping 340#.


I wanted it.  I got it.  And then some.  

Today it's a half batch of tomato sauce, which I really need.  Then anything else will start going in the freezer for winter.  And of course we can always use more ketchup.  I can always make fresh salsa too, which actually sounds very good right now.  Or I could let the hens out and pretend they got out on their own (he he he!).


Sam I Am...... said...

Wow! Tomato cake? I have never heard of it but people back in the day were so ingenious about creating recipes so as not to waste anything. I remember a delicious zucchini chocolate cake I used to make and soup and bread because we always had so many zucchini. The jams sound delicious too.
Your motorcycle ride sounded wonderful especially the food! LOL! Grilling season is coming here as it will be cooling off. There's no way I would stand over a hot grill out in the heat here! LOL! I am in the mood for some good ribs!

Kristina said...

Sam I Am, it is very hot here too. Humid, dry and hot.

Susan said...

Fall has arrived here - almost. They are predicting mid-30s for overnight Saturday and Sunday! I may have to drag in the outdoor plants!

Kristina said...

Susan, that is cold. We are lucky to dip into the 60's at night lately. Days are still upper 80's, and today maybe 90.