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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Homestead Happenings

We are so happy to see peaches on the tree this year.  This is our third year since we planted.  I'm so happy with this progress.

Although I don't have a photo to share, I have integrated the new hens in with the older hens.  Upon entry into the large coop, Sparta charged at them twice, once taking out a hunk of feathers.  The older hens could care less.  After that, they seem to be getting along.  I haven't gone out to see any bloody bodies, so I'm happy with that.  I do check on them often just in case.

I'm thinking he was telling those young ladies who was in charge, ha ha!

The heirloom, organic kale we planted last year (which grew back this spring), is going to seed.  I'm very excited we'll be able to save seeds from this.  It grew very well here.

Although we've had two frost warnings since our lilac was about to bloom (and after blooming), I've been able to bring cuttings into the house.  I love the smell.  

I do declare.  I think the grass is as tall as the goats are right now.  They are so happy to be out and about after all this past rain.  They run up to me now, and loved to get rubbed and scratched.  They are two cuties for sure.  We may need a few more if they can't eat all the grass down when they are full grown, ha ha!

Monday it was dry, and very windy.  I had high hopes to work outside Tuesday, but woke up to that pitter patter sound (again).  I'm so glad I put all the laundry out on Monday.  I even washed bed quilts, dog rags (old towels to wipe off wet dogs), and other bedding.  My bedroom smelled absolutely wonderful.  I love that smell when you bring it all back inside. And it's not affecting me with allergies right now.  Farmers are not able to spray, due to wet fields, so it was a perfect time to wash large items.

Tuesday night?  More rain.  

The thought of peaches this year makes me happy anyway.  


Sandra said...

We are hoping for peaches this year too.
We have had frost warnings, but so far we haven't had one.
Thank goodness!

Patricia @ CorninmyCoffee-pot said...

excited to hear you have peaches.
The peach trees we planted a few years back didn't make it. But we had a volunteer come up about 4 years ago... I'd have to check my garden journal we had blooms last year, no fruit. We had blooms this year and no fruit, however this year, we had a late frost as well. I think we were actually going to get fruit. But it didn't happen.
However, the plum trees we planted the same year as the peaches... finally put fruit on. Two whole-whopping plums! But hey! it made fruit. So like you I'm very hopeful to have a crop next year!
I'm happy that our fig tree is bouncing back from the over pruning two years ago ---and it looks like the tree is loaded with them.
I'm over joyed about the Muscadine Grapes!
thanks for stopping by my blog faithfully-- I'm missing my blogging time with friends.

Mama Pea said...

There's hardly any flowers (well, maybe Sweet Peas) other than lilacs that smell as good when brought into the house!

As for your goat boys not being able to keep all of your grass under control, just let me know if they need help and I'll send a couple of these eager-eater goslings!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sandra, we had a few cold nights since the tree bloomed, and they still produced peaches. We are super excited. Hubby wants to plant another peach tree this year.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Patricia, it's our 3rd year for our plum tree too, but so far nothing. I wonder if it will still produce any this year.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, ha ha! I bet they'd eat more grass than our baby goats. Even my chickens are keeping the run mowed down.

RB said...

With grass that lush and green, those goats must think they're in goat heaven.
We've had a lot of rain here too. Glad I got a bunch of herb seeds in pots and in the herb garden before it all hit, so they'll have a great start before hot weather hits.
Hope everyone has a great, safe weekend.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, that's what I'm doing today. In between rain showers. I got the dirt into the pots, but need to get the seeds into them.

Sam I Am...... said...

Rainy here also but just enough sun to keep up with laundry hanging outside. Today is sunny so the clothesline will get used. I planted a peach tree or 2 on my farm but the coons always got them...never ever got a peach from my trees!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sam I Am, something keeps digging up my grape vines. Could be a coon. Never though of that. I ended up putting plastic forks all around it (had not extra wire to wrap them). So far it's working.