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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Homestead Happenings and Tidbits

I was heading out to the barn to close it up for the night, and Leo ran out from under my car and meowed at me.  First time ever for him to come to me like that.  He won't eat with the other cats, so I gave him a water and food bowl.  He wouldn't let me pet him standing up, so I got down to his level, and he rolled over, thanking me for the food.  I guess he's warming up to us.

Someone is working harder than the other ladies.  Three days in a row, I brought in a large egg.  So far, they are not double yolks.

We now have a baby squirrel.  

This is Mom I think.  Mom and baby are living in what's left of the big barn.  Mom was digging up black walnuts and baby was flying out and getting them, and zipping back in the barn.  That little thing is so adorable.

However, at the same time, Sassy was checking out the scene too. Our barn cats will kill and eat baby squirrels.

Sunday I took a look at my potted comfrey.  Not many large leaves yet.   I needed to make a poultice for Hubby, so I went into my pantry in search of dried.  It was the first time to use dried comfrey, but it worked.  This year I planted a extra pot, to make sure we have enough of it.  I'm just sorry I never planted it earlier, and learned about it when I first planted my herb garden.  It's a pretty valuable herb to have.  I just have to remember my food processor works much better to make a poultice than my blender.

Let's just say Hubby said I need to plant an entire yard of it, he's that happy with the results of it.

Rain arrived late afternoon on Saturday, and enough that I didn't have to water the newly planted vegetable seeds.  Whew!  We didn't get enough rain the next day and today things are very dry.

A quick update on the nuisance business.  We called the Sheriff (again) to report trespassing on our property Sunday about 6:30pm.  They were in a full size mud truck and drove on our property, right in front of me.  I filmed the entire thing, and the women in the back said "wave at her" indicating they knew they were about to go on private property.  Either way we filed yet another report and the Sheriff went to the nuisance business this time. 

Well, I slept in late (oddly) and must get out to the garden. Hubby tilled up more for me, and there is no sign of rain.



Lady Jane said...

Leo is so cute. I am partial to black and white cats as that is what my Badger is. I am so sorry to hear you are still having problems with these drive bys. they are getting dangerous. I will pray a solution happens fast. Hugs, Lj

Kristina said...

Thanks Lady Jane.

Susan said...

Your Leo and my Slimbo must be twins by separate mothers (and fathers). Exact same markings! I am glad to hear that your nuisance neighbor is getting flack from all sides. Maybe there will be enough of a stink that he will pack his sorry self up and move along. It's sort of crazy how busy spring is, isn't it? I have tons of comfrey growing now - I just have to try and rein it in a bit. Hahahaha.

Kristina said...

Susan, that is so funny about the cats. Leo came out to see me again yesterday and rolled over when I walked out. It's been crazy busy here for sure.

RB said...

Gladly Leo is warming up to you. That he won't let you come very near unless you get down on his level makes me wonder if someone has kicked or tossed a rock at him while standing up.
Cats can kill full grown squirrels too, even chasing them right into their holes and nests to get them, and squirrels can easily carry rabies just like any other animal.
What are you using the comfrey poultice for again? I've used comfrey in my bath water by adding a handful to the toe of a knee high stocking, tying the top of the stocking around the tub faucet and letting the bath water flow over the comfrey stocking as the tub fills. It makes one's skin feel so soft.
Prayers everyone's having a great week.
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, I use the poultice for sprains and deep tissue soreness. This summer I want to make several, and put them in plastic bags in the freezer. That way I have them all winter long. Just in case.