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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Herbal Eye Compress ~ Random Tidbits ~ The Planting Begins

Over the past weekend, my eyes were super sore.  Not sure why this year, but I have one idea.  Anyway, they were beet red, dry, and I wanted to rip them out (they felt that bad even with allergy eye drops).

I use the last of my dried calendula, poured a cup of boiling water over it, and cooled it.  I used it to make an eye compress.  It is a short relief, but I do feel like it helped.  It was the only dried herb I had that was suggested for eyes.

It's not the greatest picture, but recently while having breakfast on the front porch, we had a visitor.

While enjoying the porch in the evening we had another visitor.

As for those forks in my pots, and around my grape plants, I think I know what animal is digging up stuff.  It's about to become dinner if I see him again - rabbit.  We now have a squirrel too, but he keeps busy around the black walnut tree.
The main planting of the garden has begun.  Rain was expected today, so Hubby took the day off work Tuesday and we went full force in getting stuff planted.  That was our longest day in the garden

Tomatoes topped the chart at 104 plants (a few varieties), broccoli came in second with 96, and cauliflower third with 48.  I can't remember the count on all the pepper plants, but we realized we are very short of jalapeno plants.  The grand total of plants put in so far are 296.  And we'll put more in soon.

We purchased three types of radish seeds this year.  Two types are planted.  Radish typically grows very easy here. 

I weeded and re-planted the shell peas.  This time I worked some wood ashed into the soil.  We'll see if they do better this year.  

We received a very short rain shower yesterday just after I put down some radish seeds. I decided to end my day around 3pm, but the sun came out again.  And today?  No rain whatsoever.  The thunderstorms are not even on the radar.  I was actually looking forward to a rainy day, so I could rest up.  Oye.  Now what?  Rest or work?  I most likely will rest up. Some items I need to garden with were left in the back of Hubby's truck (which went to work before I remembered).  

We have a ton of seeds yet to plant.   Then again, maybe I could get the green beans planted.  I'll need to do some tilling and weeding before I can even plant the pinto beans, or the popcorn, or even the pie pumpkins.  I still need to plant all the summer squash seeds, winter squash, carrots, beets, peanuts......

I'm gonna need more nettle tea today.  My whole body hurts, ha ha!   On a good note, I only have two more herbs (seeds) to plant).  School is out this Friday also.  I'll have two helpers to help with the pups now.  



Mama Pea said...

Wow, if you have a decent growing season at all with all those vegetable plants, you're going to have a terrific harvest . . . and lots of time spent in the kitchen preserving it all! But growing good food for our family is what it's all about so here's hoping you have a fantastic year of gardening! Now take care of those sore muscles . . . and eyes. (An allergic reaction in your eyes, you think?)

Susan said...

That is some garden! Mine little patch pales in comparison. I'm hoping that we get a good gardening year for a change - I think we are due. Does the nettle tea help with muscle ache? I have a huge patch of nettles behind the main compost pile and I have been thinking about drying a bunch.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, as I was silently saying a prayer for a good harvest, I said an extra one for strength to put it all up, ha ha! Not sure about our eyes. A few of us are having the same issues.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, I read the nettle helps for exhaustion of the body. It has many good benefits. I need to cut and dry some more. I better write that down. Today I couldn't remember if I watered the flower pots. Ha!

RB said...

My eyes have been doing the very same thing, especially at night when I'm trying to sleep, and allergy drops aren't helping either. Goldenrod and Magnolia are blooming right now. Not sure which is the culprit.
I'm going to try tea bags. You can use black or green, as long as it's plain and doesn't have any other spices in it. Just brew a pot, leave the bags in, let it cool, then squeeze the bag lightly and lay back with the bags on your eyes. Been using tea bags for years really, ever since going through a period of repeated styes as a teen, and it really works.
I pray everyone has an enjoyable and safe holiday weekend - remembering the reason for the holiday is military veterans, past, passed and present. God bless them all mightily for what they do for us.
God bless.

Sam I Am...... said...

Now that is some garden! More like a small truck farm! LOL! Take care and I pray you get it all planted.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, thanks for the teabag tip. I'll save some green tea bags next time I make it. Most likely Hubby and I will be working in the garden this holiday weekend. We'll be sure to put our flags out - military and U.S. I hope your weekend goes well too.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sam I Am, even after the kids all move out, I expect a few to stop in and ask for eggs, pickles, and other items, ha ha! One used to stop in for goat's milk and eggs often.