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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dead Mouse and other Homestead Happenings

Oh dear, I have had practically nothing to share lately.  No new recipes, no new concoctions of herbs, or even anything remotely exciting.

Unless you count the night that King proudly brought in a dead, flattened mouse.  Two girls went ballistic and screamed for me (or their Dad who conveniently ignored them) to come rescue them.   

I found one daughter holding one puppy, and one holding the other and both screaming and pointing to the dead mouse.  I removed it of course, even while they were screaming at me while doing it.  I had gloves on, but they still couldn't watch.  I told them when they grow up and have kids, they'll be able to do almost anything without gagging. 

Puppy nap time - Zuri with her head on top of King.  They both are growing so fast already.  King still thinks he's a lap dog, so this will be interesting.  King has learned "speak" already.  He's been easy to train in that department.  He's very vocal.  Zuri is such a doll.  I just hope she can hold up to her end if protection is needed.  She is so calm for me.  

They are partners in crime.  This weeks casualties?  One church youth group flyer that they kept pulling off the fridge, along with the clip magnet.  I had to go in search of their toys to get them to stop.  Oh, and one chewed our 19 year-old's computer charge cord in half. Not their fault.  Daughter just forgot to put it up.  I told the kids to put stuff up as if they were baby goats in the house.

Hubby and I have gotten the tree limbs split and stacked, so we are ready to tackle that one tree when school is out for Christmas.  This Saturday however, he'll be putting Duaghter's car back together. 

I have finally made myself something

 - an ear warmer.  Now I can keep the wind off my ear, when I don't want a full hat on my head.  Shoveling snow would be one instance.  

I've also dug out my scrap cotton yarn.  I need two more rugs, and I must get them down for winter.  I should really make another one for the other bathroom too, so we can rotate when washing.  The floors can be pretty cold in winter.  The floors without carpet anyway.

I washed up Son's bedding and we'll be getting that put together for him.  He's arriving Friday I think, but I need it ready on Thursday just to be sure.  I know he'll spend time napping with Jesse.  The pups are too young to give free roam of the entire house yet.

Not sure if it's the puppy duty, or the warmer winter, but I am not even ready to bake for Christmas.  I'm actually enjoying that part though.  We did not not put up outside lights (yet).  I really do not want to bake any cookies until Christmas eve either.  It's been kind of nice to enjoy November and December on a much slower pace holiday prep-wise.  

I need your advice on wood stoves for heat.   Hubby feels the stoves at farm stores are just as good as those from professional wood stove stores.  The issues I have with a farm store stove - warranty length, who fixes it? durability, and you still have to have it professionally installed.  The professional store provides any warranty service, stoves are better built, last longer, and they are the ones to do our chimney sweep.  So...would you go for a cheaper stove, hire someone to put it inOr pay the extra and go with the professional stove company? 

I'll end today's post with a pictures of a recent rainbow we spotted just outside the house.  Beautiful!   

Yesterday was drizzly, dark and had signs of winter coming.   I guess for us, this warmer weather is a bonus. I can't get the chimney sweep here until the last week of the month.  I put it off, not sure if we'd be replacing the wood stove this winter or next.


hoosier girl said...

I'll be watching for comments about the wood stoves. Very interested. Thanks for bringing it up!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Hoosier girl, me too. If we buy from the farm stores, we still have to hire a professional, which would be the wood stove companies in our area, and one will only service their own stoves. I am leaning towards the purchase of the more durable and straight from the wood stove store.

Susan said...

While I don't have personal wood stove experience, I have two friends who each went in a different direction - one with a professional outfit and one with a local feed/farm store. The professional job turned out much better and she never had trouble with her stove - it's still going and she uses it exclusively for heat. The other? Nothing but problems, especially finding someone to service it. I'd go with the professional. (Darling pups!)

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Susan, that really helps. I am worried about the durability and of course finding a person to work on it if needed. The pups have had no accidents today - YAY!