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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, November 23, 2015

It's Monday already?! ~ Journal Junkie

Where did the weekend go?

I'll admit it went fast, but it was very, very peaceful here this weekend.  The first time in the last two years.  What a relief for our family and our animals.
Everyone was restful, relaxed, and in good spirits.  That's the way a home should be.  The zoning board has not yet voted on the permit for the nuisance business (behind us), but we are hopeful.

Speaking of "home" I have located yet another journal.

It's a journal for favorite quotes from books I have read.  I'm adding a quote today:

"Our home should be our sanctuary and our refuge against the world.  It should be a place of peace and harmony."
~ from The Simplicity Primer, by Patrice Lewis

I've added a few more wine labels to my wine journal as well.  Although Hubby enjoyed the rhubarb, I liked the last one we tried better.  He did not like the chocolate wine, but I loved it!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I can't believe I have not had to put a heat lamp on our hens this winter yet.  It's been nice.  They were out and about in the snow and got some much needed sunshine.


Susan said...

I so agree with that quote. We must have someplace in the world for peace, and it should be our home. Glad you enjoyed a weekend of peace!

Kim said...

Oh don't worry, heat lamp time is a comin'!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, I do love that quote.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Kim, I heard it will be a bit nicer this week. I hope it gives us more time to clean up and get more accomplished.

Mama Pea said...

What a good idea that wine journal is! I need something like that. I always think I'm going to remember the brand and kind of wine I taste and like but . . . when it comes time to purchase more? The mind is a blank.

Shhhh! Please don't let our chickens know you provide heat for yours. Ours up here near the tundra have to snuggle together to keep warm!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, my sister-in-law told me about label "lifters" and I bought some. They are clear adhesive that you press over the label. It removes most of it, and then I cut around leaving the plastic lifter on, and stick it to card stock. It's so much easier than trying to soak it off. As for the heat lamp, I may put one up and only use it if the temp gets in the negative, but the more I read this year, the more I wonder if they really need it.

EMMA said...

A wine book, what a clever idea. How do you get the labels off so neatly like that?
It's getting cold here - our car window shattered this morning - and i'm wondering how too keep my chickens warm this winter. They survived fine last year but I do feel sorry for them outdoors. (Jus saw that the answer to my first question is in your reply to Mama Pea!)

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Emma, I bought the label lifters at Amazon online. They work pretty good.

RB said...

We haven't had to turn on the heat lamps to our chickens yet either, though were much further south than you are. We've had a few freezing night temps, but not many.
I pray everyone has a safe and blessed Thanksgiving.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, I wish the same for your Thanksgiving!