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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Barn Cleaning and Other Random Tidbits

Late Thursday, all day Friday and all day Saturday, the rain fell here.  We had one more moment of porch time.  Saturday, although cold, I stole a few moments out there too.

Hubby helped me clean up the chicken/goat barn, and I am pleased as punch so far.   We have 85% of it cleaned up, and clutter removed, some repairs made.  We just need to finish the goat stall end, which is just needs the cobwebs knocked down and straw removed.  I'm thrilled we had time to get it done, although the schedule for Friday was revamped.  The tree was on the agenda, but the rain botched that.  Either way, we got another chore (almost) completed. 

Although I kept a few portable chairs on the porch, we started to stock it with winter wood.

The decorating crew is busy at work now.  Tree is up, lights on, and totes all over the house.  If I can locate a long extension cord, outside porch lights go up next. 

I opted to stay home Sunday and finish one handmade gift, while Hubby went out with friends and family to watch the big game.  I even finished a slouchy hat for another daughter.  Now they all have one.  I started another crochet project, but have a rug to finish next.  I could use a long one in the kitchen for winter.  Although I like the blue colors in the rug, I think I will finish is short for oldest daughter, and start a darker one for winter use.

I did some searching for something the other day, and ended up finding a new gift to make for next year.  I'm excited about it too.

Well, the holiday weekend did not end without one kiddo getting sick.  We did not even go to other houses this year.  Our 16 year-old had a fever last night.  I'll be checking her this morning.  

This morning the rain has stopped.  I wonder if I can encourage Hubby to get that one tree down today.   


RB said...

I'm falling behind in outdoor chores. I keep the railing and steps for the side porch lit with white mini lights year round. It lights up the porch enough so that we can see it if we're coming home after dark, plus it looks lovely from the main road about a half a block away (if country roads had blocks-lol). One of the strings burned out early last week, and I haven't done a single thing to replace it. Will do so before this week is out though.
Prayers your sick'un will be feeling better soon, and that everyone has a safe blessed week.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, rain is due this morning, and I am falling behind too. I have to clean out one more corner in the barn, sweep it, and take care of a few more piles of brush. Hubby and I have to patch a few more holes in the barn siding as well, but I am thrilled to get this much done with his work schedule. Our front porch does not have an electrical outlet, so I have to run a long extension cord to the one we do have. Putting an outlet in out there, is on his to-do list.

RB said...

We've had rain and pea soup fog for 2-3 days now. Suppose to be sunny tomorrow. I like the rain fine, but it doesn't help one get outside chores done much.
We have outlets outside both doors, but if we plug too much in to one or the other, a circuit flips, so I have to be careful of that, especially when we have CHRISTmas lights lit up too.
Have a great one.
God bless.