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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sage Honey ~ Tidbits

I started two jars of sage honey.  This year was a good year for my sage, so I'm drying more for tea and cooking as well.

I filled each jar about half way with snipped, fresh sage.  Then filled the jars with honey.  You can use a spoon to move the sage around to release air bubbles, but I let mine sit a few minutes, and the bubbles released on their own.  The honey level lowered of course, so I then added more honey.

The honey jars will sit in a sunny window for a few weeks, turning the jars daily.  Last year we made elderberry infused honey, and we used the entire jar for hot tea and topping toast.  I might make another jar of that as well.  Both will come in handy for sore throats, and medicinal hot teas this fall and winter.
I'm spending lots of hours in my kitchen this weekend - making homemade dog food, more homemade condensed soups, and freezing more vegetables.  However outside work calls today too.

There are baby Brussels sprouts on my plants, and I am totally shocked.  Many of the plants died, but I found a few still alive.  I'm not sure if they'll make it to full growth before it gets cold again, but I'll be watching them.

I got a surprise email Friday.  Our 18 year-old came home for the weekend.  Her pup is so happy. 

Moondance and I had a date on the porch.  That's the name of the yarn I'm knitting with.  Even with the rain, and colder temperatures lately, porch time is my "zen" time.


Lilac Cottage Homestead said...

Wow I didn't know that you can infuse honey with other herbs, for flavor and to help with sickness. I'm so happy you shared it with me!!!! Oh yea I love yarn you are knitting with!! My friend made a large dish towel with that same colored yarn. Well God bless


Kristina said...

Kelly, there are many herbs you can infuse honey with. I've only made elderberry honey, and we used it a lot for hot teas over winter. I'm trying sage this winter. After a few weeks you strain out the herb.

EMMA said...

Love that sage honey idea - I've got lots in the garden this year too, I think I will have to try this.
Moondance is great looking yarn.

RB said...

Interesting about the honey, and that's a very pretty yarn.
Glad your 18-year old got to come home. I bet the pup was happy, since two of yours have left home, it must be quiet there sometimes.
Ya'all have a safe blessed week.
God bless.

Kristina said...

Thanks Emma

Kristina said...

RB, you have blessed week too. Thanks.