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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Back to the Garden and other happenings

I'm back to gutting the garden, but will leave the greens in for a while yet.   It was a toss - clean the coop or head to the garden.  Tough decision.  School was delayed, and eventually closed (again) for fog.  I sure hope we don't run out of our snow days before the snow even arrives.

Instead of work, aside from laundry, I ended up "playing" first.

These turned out pretty nice, but the paint bled out on a few letters.  Also these boards are cracking when we saw them, so the wood is very brittle.  Not sure if I want to try and make any more at this point.

Update on the permit hearing - it could not proceed last night.  The land owner did not have legal proof the land was in her name.  Meeting is rescheduled for October 21, 2015.  We appreciate your continued support and prayers.  We found out that we are not the only adjacent land owners.  There were 10 people invited.


RB said...

Wow! School closed for fog is unusual. Must've been real bad.
I wonder if something like Thompson's Water Seal might refresh those boards a bit so they can be used for the signs.
Also, good news 10 homeowners were at that meeting. If your neighbors hold the same view you do, your case against the mudder will be stronger. I hope all attend the next meeting too.
Raining here today, a nice gentle rain. I kinda wish we'd gotten this in the summer, but that's not how NC is anyway, so no sense wishing for it.
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, they closed two times for fog this school year.