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Friday, October 30, 2015

Garden ~ Random Friday Tidbits

My home grown kale is still producing.  This is has been the most impressive year for kale, despite the rest of the garden.

 I brought in a large pot of kale and had enough to blanch and freeze for one meal, and fill the dehydrator with the rest.

I am sure I'll be going back out in a few days to cut more too.  As for the collards?  Well, something continues to munch it down despite cooler weather.  Not sure what's eating it, as I see nothing on it when I check it. 

I did not add kale to my Dad's meals the this week.  I wanted to wait and ask if he liked it in his breakfast eggs, and he did. YAY!  I feel like the parent to the child - eat your greens, ha ha!

I'll be adding more for him, so he gets some greens in his diet.  This week he was delivered crock pot mac' n' cheese, scrambled eggs, bacon, blueberry wholewheat pancakes, some syrup, and mild sausage and bell peppers.  I try to mix up the meals each time I deliver. 

The rains and wind arrived, and today we get a break (although cold).  It gave me time to re-write two more articles and get them off to my editor (aka Oldest Daughter, and sometimes next youngest).    

I had a feeling this would happen, considering the wicked wind we had.  It fell from one of the dead trees - about 15-16 feet long.  It landed near the propane cap.  No worries, that dent in the cap was there when we moved in here.  However, if I had been doing laundry or walking Jesse, it could have been me it landed on.  I am staying clear of that tree until we get the equipment to cut it down for good.

Every morning I get barn kitty snuggles from Timmy, I look out at the barn, the wood, and the trees, and slowly panic.  The list of winter prep is long, and surely hope and pray, we get it done.  So much to do yet. 

Things seem to go haywire all at once, and it's been a rough few days for me.  I do try to keep it out of my blog, so I don't drag you all down.  Yesterday topped it when the post lady delivered me the very same box of clothes I recently spent $15 shipping to Son.  Apparently, the post office I shipped it from, did not charge me enough and the folks at Camp Legeune, returned it.  Yes, I let out a long sigh, texted Son, and box was shipped again.

Today's dilemma?  My dehydrator quit working.  I'm now looking at new ones.  I'm considering my options. 

Oh, and we are now looking at replacing our wood stove.  It was a debate between the two of us whether to replace it with a wood stove or a pellet stove.  I won.  I just think with today's economy, and the lack of availability and high prices of pellets, the wood stove was a smarter choice.    It will take a lot of man power to remove the old cast iron wood stove though.

My "Mom" skills are in need today.  One of the girls are being bullied at school.  I've known about it, but she asked I not get involved.  Both Hubby and I have talked to her about how to handle it, but it's gotten worse.  Today, I will be approaching the school. 

Have a wonderful Friday!


Susan said...

I know how you feel - looking out at all that needs to be done, with winter fast approaching. You are such a good daughter! I had to laugh at your comment about the child becoming the parent. How true! I was so sorry to hear about your daughter. It's so hard to be a kid/teen these days. I do remember there were bullies in my school (eons ago) but not to the point of nastiness that happens today. What is wrong with their parents??? And speaking of idiots...what is with the post office? I do hope that things settle down - watch your stress levels...

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, thanks. I know my Dad will only eat fast food most often, and won't cook. I don't think he ever uses his stove or oven either. He reheats my meals in his microwave, but he's at least getting good meals some days. This girl has been bothering my one daughter for a year now. School was approached by her last year, and it never stopped. I sure hope it is stopped now. Kids can have such filthy mouths and it's scary that most of them do not care. The lady at the post office must be new. I hope Son gets his flannels soon. He's getting a bit chilly without winter-wear.

Kim said...

Prayers are going up for your peace of mind. May all the winter prep get taken care of or at least that which he deems important. May the issues at school with your daughter get resolved so the mother in you can relax. And I hope that package arrives safely this time or I am seeing a road trip on the horizon!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you Kim! You are always so positive and inspiring. If Son can't come home this winter, we may be visiting him soon.

Mama Pea said...

Whoa, lots going on at your house! I just hate this whole "bullying" situation that seems to be escalating. Yes, I know it's gone on forever (and not always just with kids), but with social media now I do think it's gotten a lot worse.

Hooray for your poor garden still giving you lots of kale. And for the good job you do of taking food to your dad. That's got to be a high point of his day.

Since the post office "made the mistake" on your package, I sure don't think you should have to pay to resend it. Did you speak to the Postmaster at that post office about it? Fifteen dollars or more is too much to throw away these days.

I think we're all facing winter approaching too fast and our "must do" tasks getting done too slowly! We've had rain all week which has really put the crimp on our move ahead/do before winter jobs.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, the guidance counselor at the school spoke to my daughter and the bully. When my daughter got home she said she had no incidents - yay! The girl will be punished (according to what I'm told) if she continues. Hopefully it will stop. I did talk to the lady at the post office, and she only charged me the $2.00, so I did not have to repay to send again, just the difference, thankfully.

RB said...

Sorry to hear about your dehydrator, the box to your son and the bullying. About the bullying, you and your daughter BOTH keep a detailed journal of it all, including your trips to the school and what school administrators there tell you. It may come in handy in the future.
I definitely agree a wood stove is the way to go. You should be able to get recycling fees for the old stove, or if you don't want to deal with it, look through ads to see those who will. There are many in every town because there can be big money in recycling of different metals.
Been sick here since last Wednesday night with something headachy, tiring, sinus/virus. Am finally feeling like myself again. Praise God!!!
And today, well...we've already had 4" of rain since last night. Glad to be living on the top of the hill instead of the bottom, but am praying for those at the bottom and for those who have to travel in this mess.
Have a great week.
God bless.