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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Random Tidbits

We shucked all of the sweet corn, so that once-a-year job is done.   Tiger was standing by for the first bag (right in the photo).  He loves to chew on the husks.

I went to the garden, but knew as my feet squashed into the ground it would not reveal anything to pick.  The only thing I picked was a bucket full of bettles, and a few squash.

  Back to the kitchen I went.

I'm busy canning, which is a wonderful feeling.  Hubby brought home some zucchini from a co-worker, and I knew what his intentions were.  He held one of the up and asked how many cups I could get from that one zucchini.  After I answered, he revealed a bag of them.

I'll be chopping a lot of vegetables, after I can peach jam today.  He better hope I have a few hot banana peppers (on my only plant), and one jalapeno too.

Somewhere in that time, I have to make tortillas for tonight's dinner - egg/pinto bean/cheese wraps.  I woke up to find 1 tortilla in the container.  I am pretty sure I'll have to wait for school to start, before I can get some stored in the freezer.  

If you shop at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, you probably got an email from them, telling you about how congress is trying to deny voters from passing any bills for gmo labeling. 

Here is one link if you are interested in knowing what's going on:  Tell Congress to Protect Your Right to Know:  Oppose the Dark Act 


What are you puttin' up this week?  Food? Handiwork?  Your feet?


Mama Pea said...

I'm puttin' up (hopefully) a few strawberries in the freezer for smoothies (if we don't gobble them all up fresh first), more work on the deck rebuilding, getting the lawn mowing and weed whipping done, weeding the blueberry/raspberry patch and possibly (!!!) starting the painting on the house! And dreaming of getting a bunch of your tortillas made for the freezer.

Speaking of dreaming, in my dream last night it snowed and all the garden froze. Do you think I'm worried about all my veggies being so far behind this year??

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, I can't do much outside work yet. I think it's day 3 of dry days and we still squish in the grass, let alone the garden. It's still very very wet everywhere. Your dream made me laugh..ha ha!

Susan said...

Had to laugh at that last one! I finished a batch of currant jelly - but I'm not sure of the texture. I always have trouble with jelly. I have a large batch of peaches and I will be drying some, freezing some and maybe making some jam. How long does it take you to make a batch of tortillas? I found a press at Goodwill and found a basic recipe that I have used before I had the press. I'd like to get a stash in the freezer, too.

Kristina said...

Susan, mixing only takes a few minutes, but then you press out the 16 dough pieces, taking maybe 15-20 minutes. Then you wait 15 minutes. Then each takes 1 1/2 minutes - that's another 24 minutes. Close to an hour I guess. I use one pan to do mine in, one at a time. I just wipe the pan if it gets too much flour in it. Currant jelly sounds delicious!

Michelle said...

Don't have corn or other veggies yet but plenty of fruit. I have been busy dehydrating plums and apricots. As well as making glazes, syrups, and jams for this winter. Can't wait tell my other crops come in. I say that now but by the end of August, start of September I will be praying for my plants to stop producing. LOL

Kristina said...

Michelle, all that fruit sounds wonderful. We have zero. I'm not sure if the pear trees are producing this year yet. I know what you mean about fall time. I am already realizing the energy canning requires again.