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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday Coffee Hour ~ Barn Wood Herb Drying Rack ~ Eye Rolling Moment (kids)

Grab a cup of hot steaming coffee, tea or your favorite beverage.  It's one of those posts.

A while back, I bought a bag of curtain hooks for $.75.  I actually figured out where I had stored them.  I'm recycling them into another barn wood herb drying rack.  They look awesome in the house too.  You could call it re-purposed or recycled I guess.

Directions are simple, and I have it posted on my S.C.R.A.P. Blogspot.  You can recycle anything for hooks really.  

We simply like the look of the curtain hooks (and #6 x 1/2 inch screws), that I had no use for any longer.  In the original post, I used a piece that simply fell off the barn.  No sawing, no cutting etc.  

This time I pulled a larger piece off and used a saw to cut into nice size pieces.   One completed, with stinging nettle drying.

The entire garden is in the ground now. Yay!  I have one more pot to plant new medicinal herbs in, and I may try to squeeze a few cantaloupe mounds in between my cucumbers and popcorn.  We have no more garden space for watermelon either (boo hoo).  We'll just have to visit the farmer's market this summer.  

Now we weed and wait. Until then, it's time to stock up more herbs in the pantry.  Maybe I'll get some reading or handiwork time in now.

Now for that "eye rolling moment."

The kids bought me a helium balloon for Mother's Day. They keep asking me if they can pop it and suck the helium out. Of course I say "no way."

I was in the kitchen, and youngest daughter was washing dishes.   She says, "say something stupid."  So, our 15 year-old and myself both said her name."  Just being funny.

Youngest takes the knife she is washing and stabs my mother's day balloon.  In which our 15 year-old flies out of her chair, grabs the balloon, and sucks the helium out (and starts putting herself on snap chat).

Then I hear my 18 year-old in the living room, encouraging her, and saying "sing a song!"  Which she did.

Funny as it was, I was trying not to show how funny they both were.  I mean she did stab and kill my balloon.

My chickens almost saw their early death.  I had opened the side door to go bottle feed goats (we still have not found good homes for), and my chickens happened to be up to the step.  Oldest daughter's new dog flew out behind my feet and went straight after them.  I put down my bottles and ran.  I screamed and tried to get between her and the poor chickens, but she kept going after them, getting too close with her attempted bites.  Finally, the dog got caught up in some chicken wire laying by a barn and flipped.  I was able to get between her and the chickens.  Meanwhile, Oldest took her time getting her dog.  Let's just say the dog must leave today.  I found out the dog chases and kills rabbits.  

It was the second time she flew out the door on someone.  I'm sure I'll be blamed for it the rest of my life.  When kids do things like this, and it doesn't work out, they tend to not take responsibility for their own actions.  It's all in the unwritten, parenting handbook.

With the garden all planted, Hubby and I watched a movie on Netflix - Homesman.  It was a pioneer type movie.  I enjoyed it for the most part, showing hardships they faced, but I did not like the ending.

We had a trespasser (possibly two) on our property last night.  Driving an ATV on our property.  The guy had obviously been drinking and got stuck in the river branch that runs through our property.  

There is a fence on that side of the property, and he was on the wrong side.  Our side.

We got up and Hubby went out.  He told me to stay in, but I was outside listening and waiting to call the Sheriff.  The guy pleaded to his defense, saying he got "lost."  Hubby told him to get his ATV off our property and head right back where he came from.  Hubby knows where they guy lives anyway, so word will get out, that you don't get lost on our property (unless they want to get shot).  I have yet to see if the guy did any garden damage (or any of my fruit trees or grape arbor), but will be just after I post this.    Update:  there were at least two ATV's.  Two different sets of tracks (so far).

This concludes my post today.  Now I must go shampoo carpet.  Some kids locked Alias (our oldest dog) in his master's room, so the new dog could have run of the house.  It won't be happening again.  And I have to go free another bird in the woodstove.

.....just some "only in our house" moments.


Unknown said...

Oh, I sure would love to have some of that red wood!! It is wonderful!

Kristina said...

Hill House, I would love to share with you too. I don't have like-minded folks out here.