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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Recipe Find and Other Tidbits

It's 5:30am.  I am up to fill the wood stove.  This morning we've warmed up to 29°F, but it feels like 20°.  Our "warm up" today is about 45°F.  I'm not going out today, even though I had plans.  We are getting freezing rain.  Not fun to drive in.  

My wood splitting partner, aka Hubby, is still at work at this hour.  He left at 10:30pm last night and won't be home until late this afternoon.  

Yesterday, I did a lot of organizing in places people don't look.  For example, I opened the bottom doors to my hutch.  I found the shelf had fallen from the weight of cookbooks, and needed attention.  Once I went through all of those, scanned recipes, and donated some to the thrift box, I was very satisfied with progress.

I was even more happier to find a lost recipe - Sneaky Pete's.  I have not even thought about them until I found the recipe.  

It was in a 1987 hand typed, copied and stapled cookbook, from the J.C.Penney Associates in 1987.  I made these one time. Believe it or not, I made them for a Tupperware party, years and years, and years ago.

Everything in the recipe, but the alcohol, freezes, so it's a cool slush drink on a hot day.  Of course, back in the day I would have used 7-up, but if I made these again, I would have to use Sprite, made with real sugar.

Anyway, you know how you find a long lost item when you clean (deep clean)?  Well, that was my "find" for the day. 

The chickens are popping out more and more eggs, despite the cold temps.  If we get weather as bad as last year, I will have to invest in two more heat lamps.  Last season we kept two on the chickens, and they did fine.  This year I think I'd like to add a extra.  I like to have a back-up lamp and bulb too.  When the weather is that bad, and you need one, the stores are typically sold out.

If the weather clears up later today or tomorrow, I might have the girls help string some old-fashioned Christmas lights around the front porch. 

I'm sure I'll find something that needs deeply cleaned today, so staying busy won't be a problem.  For once, it feels good to get things back in order (after so many years of it not).

Every once in a while, I'll catch Hubby turning on the light in the utility room.  He said he just loves to look in there and see it all cleaned up nice and tidy, ha ha!


Sam I Am...... said...

Isn't it fun to find old stuff that you thought was lost forever?
I've been slowly making "dents" and it doesn't seem like much but at the end of the week you can see a difference! Good for you!

Mama Pea said...

Had to laugh . . . I really trying to do the same thing as your hubby. Stop to just look at a room or area that I've FINALLY managed to clean and get back in tip-top shape! What do they say about enjoying the moment? We need to do more of that rather than forgetting what we have accomplished and rushing on to the next job on the list. (This little rant was a lecture to myself. I'm so BAD about giving myself credit for a "job well done" because of the other jobs yet to be done. Must improve on that!)

Kim said...

We are having a warm up to but the rains will start tomorrow.