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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Reading, Writing and Chicken Chasing

Are you ready to talk over coffee today?  Mom gifted me this recent mug in a bag of odds and ends she sent home with our 17 year-old last week.

Speaking of coffee, oldest Daughter got her coffee "tea" bag and said her "battles" were jealous.  Hubby said, "you only sent one?"  So another one is getting ready to ship soon.

Last night our two youngest daughters were in a school choir concert.  They did several military songs and put up a slide show to honor the armed forces/military etc.  Of course I submitted the kids photos (along with many other family members), and when they sang that song, "Armed Forces, The Pride of America" I teared up.   Later I told the kids I didn't stand up for either (they asked family to stand when that branch was called out) Army or Marines because I was trying to keep my tears from flowing. We won't see either one at Thanksgiving this year either.  Not sure about Christmas, but we do miss them.  They are both suffering either from illness or injury, so we continue to pray for them.

My morning "happy" moment" . . .

A clean table.  Clear of clutter, garden produce, kids belongings, and dirty dishes.  It makes me smile after such a long messy kitchen summer.  The flowers from Mom are still beautiful too.  As for the other table, it is back to clutter mode.  The kids will be on clean up duty today after school.  I told them we tried it their way, now we try it my way. 

I am trying to read through my skyscraper pile of library books and I am currently reading this one.  Very useful for making herbal teas, and good explanations for what the herbs are good for.

I'm enjoying writing again in a madness-crazy sort of way.  I took some time to print out the first 40 pages of my 115 page (not double spaced either) novel from 2011.  I was so impressed with myself, I allowed the kids to read it.

So, it's on the agenda to work on as well, but not so much that I lose out on this month's novel.  I'll admit, I want to start over already, after reading the one from 2011.  I was so creative compared to this year.

The kids told me when I write this year's novel to not use kids in the story.  The funny thing about that is, that in the past I did not, but now I am.  They provide me with so much drama, entertainment and eye-rolling material, it's too good to not use.

Now for the chicken part of my post.  This time of year my chickens go into "Let's-drive-her-crazy" mode.  Literally.  They get into so much trouble.  They go clear out to the road to check out the black walnut tree, they dig into my herb garden, flower beds and poop on my doorstep.  

Now they refuse to go back in at night (unless it's really cold out).  This last time, I had a few runners on my hands.  I'd go left, they'd go right.  I'd get them all in the barn, and one would run right back out.  I'd get her back in, and another would run out, or straight back to the house at full speed ahead.  

I had to threaten them they'd be dinner tomorrow, if they did not get back inside for the night.   They did too.  Not sure if it was my mad-hatter screaming, flaying arms in the air, or the tomato stake I was shaking over their heads like a roasting spicket, but they went back in.

Ah, the joys of self-sustainability.....chicken poop and all.


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I know what you mean about having a clean table.
I want one! I told my daughter this morning over coffee-- I don't think my house is ever going to be clean again!
Feeling discouraged, under the weather...and tested on all points!
Oh! and the chickens... I believe they think our front covered porch is their coop away from coop! I have to get them off several times a day right now. I don't have time for it!
The poop is ridiculous!
crazy chickens.

Susan said...

I had to laugh at your description of chicken chasing! It must be so difficult for both you and your kids to not be together for holidays. It's so important to remember their sacrifices in both war and non-war times.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, it is so hard for me to be patient in hearing from either of them too. They are so busy, they don't always have time to buzz home.

Patricia, you made me laugh about your chickens too. Today I had one that would not leave the coop so I could clean it.

Mama Pea said...

I think the hardest part of having a child (or children) away from home is when you know they are sick or injured as you've said yours are. That would drive me crazy wondering if they were getting the care and attention they need without their "mom" with them.

Regarding chickens . . . they don't call them bird brains for nothing! Trying to catch a chicken that doesn't want to be caught can drive you crazy. (Although it's got to be good exercise.) I'd still never want to be without them though.

Sam I Am...... said...

I'll say a prayer for your kiddos that they stay safe and well.
I just cleared my table off. I had a bunch of stuff on it from cleaning cupboards.
Glad to hear you're writing!
What lovely flowers and mug from your Mom.

Sandra said...

I'm sorry you won't be seeing either one of your kids for Thanksgiving. It is always so hard when in the military and having to spend time away from family.

I'm sorry to giggle over the chicken chasing but that must have made such a sight LOL

RB said...

Prayers for your military children, far away this Thanksgiving. Remember, wherever they are at least stateside, they're going to get a real good holiday meal. The military sees to that. k
Prayers for you too, it's tough. I wonder if my parents cried like you when I couldn't get home for a holiday. If they did, they never said so.

As for the chickens, have chased many in my lifetime. I remember a trick one of our Grandmothers used - a stick in each hand (usually one being a broom, the other maybe a rake or hoe) that she pointed out like a "V" with her body in the middle. Then she'd guide the chickens toward the coop and it seemed like she made the chicken think she was going to scoop them up with the sticks if they didn't go her way. Try it some time. I have and it works pretty well, even better if the dog isn't chasing them at the same time. sigh

God bless.


Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, thanks for that tip with the chickens. I will have to try that next time they refuse to go back in.