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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pets, Goats and Vets

A trip to the "island" is so overdue for Hubby and I.   In fact, I think we are planning one soon.  

Last night he worked until 11:30pm, and didn't get home until 12:30am.   The only time I got to see him, was when Alias (pitbull mix) got super scared of the surprise thunderstorm we got, and practically smothered us during the night.

Neither of us got much sleep.  I plan on buying that poor guy a thunder jacket.  I'm guessing his previous owner left him outside during storms.

Yesterday I was a busy bee, but not in the garden.  Let's back up a bit, so I can explain a bit better.  When Ava, Misty's doeling, was disbudded at the vet, she looked terrible when we picked her up.  She looked nothing like any of the other kids we had disbudded (including all the previous years of kids).  Both daughter and I felt she looked bad.  We never asked the vet, but should have.

Yesterday, we drove Ava back to vet.  One horn was growing back. This was the first time this has happened to any of our goats.  I asked if we had the same vet that did Bonnie and Clyde (doeling and buckling from Peanut).  We did not.  When we picked her up yesterday, she looked terrible again.  I hope to see her looking better today, but this was all unexpected.  I guess the vet had someone in training do Ava, but if you use your vet for such services, be sure to be specific on who does the work when you call.  I know horns are tricky, but you could tell by the way she looked, something was off.  

So, in between driving Ava to one vet (10 miles south of us), I had to drive my oldest daughter's cat (15 years old) 25 miles north to a different vet.  She's now scheduled for surgery to remove a growing mass in her neck. 

I'm overdue on a "thankful" list so, here ya' go....

I'm thankful for:

1. rain, so I can redirect my work from the garden to cleaning the house for my oldest daughter's "send off" party.

2. US postal service, which is the only thing keeping me in touch with my son.

3. my oldest daughter's friend who was over and helped Daughter clean up outside for the upcoming party.

4. friends, who keep me afloat when I am down, and make me laugh

5. downtime, to unwind with a bit of crocheting at night

6. God's Promises

7. coffee, for keeping me going today

8. God's Provisions

9. being alone this morning, to reflect and have time with God

10. hot water


1 comment:

RB said...

Awww, prayers for Ava. It's so hard when they're hurting and they can't tell you how bad it is.

Prayers for you too.

And your son (he's in USMC boot camp right), he's doing just fine. You're going to be surprised at how grown up he is next you see him.

And I hope you're able to go down for his graduation (is he at PI?) cause it's a sight to see.

God bless.