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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Party Damage ~ Happy Birthday. . .

Only a person living off the land would understand me right now.  See what's in my hand?  It's a torn off new growth, that I took dedicated time and care of, and belonged to my one elderberry bushes - damage from the party guests.

My heart raced, my arms shook, and I teared up.  Literally.  Now most people would think I am over reacting, but I don't care.  

I took a 5 inch "stick" and carefully nurtured it into, what I had hoped to be, a growing and healthy plant.  One that would provide my family a healthy fruit that can be used for healthy elixir's, jam, pies, etc.

I'm sure I know which group of friends ran over them with the gokart.  They ran right over the metal stakes that carefully protected them.  They were told there were trees to watch out for, and they were also told to put the gokart away at dark.

Both.  They ran over both plants.  And as you can see it was very green on the inside, although the second had no new leaves on it.

All of my time preparing, nurturing, caring buckets of water all the way out there, and this is what I get....

Swinging my hoe into the dirt (in my garden) may have gotten rid of some of my anger, but it won't bring my trees back.  Mad over trees?  Yep.  Very mad.  Very upset.  

Hubby went straight to a nursery last night and found replacement trees. First, he could only find ones for $25 a piece, but finally found some for $8.99 that are about 2 feet tall.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Today is my birthday.  So far, the kids have not remembered it.  Hubby wants to go out for dinner, but I just want a clean house and to do nothing for once.  It stormed last night, so it's too wet to plant cauliflower and broccoli plants, so I may head to the porch with some crocheting or a good book, and a cup of coffee (or iced tea).

The cats are home from the vet.  Timmy is finally neutered, so he will have to stay inside a few more days.  He's literally climbing the walls to get outside, the poor guy.  We found him climbing a front room window to try to get outside, ha ha!  Mattie's surgery went well.  The vet was able to remove the entire mass that was growing on her neck.  Mattie is about 15 years old now.  The mass has been sent out to a lab for inspection too.  She's doing pretty good today already.  The vet bill for both?  

$280.00.  Timmy's was only $52.00.


Kelly said...

Sorry about your trees :(((
Happy Birthday to you!!! Hope your house gets cleaned and you enjoy your day. That's all I ever want to is a clean house. I never get it though, lol!!!

Liz said...

So sorry to see someones carelessness destroyed all of your hard work. That is so frustrating! But yeah for the hubby finding some new ones! Have a Happy Birthday and I hope you get to do whatever YOU want!!

Lisa said...

Happy Mother's Day Kristina!

hardatworkcrafts said...

Happy Birthday, Kristina!!!! Hope you have the best one ever!!!! Sorry about your trees. Hope they get replaced and thrive for you.

RB said...

Happy Birthday Kristina!!! Mine is tomorrow. We're two fine Taurean gals then. LOL

I know how you feel about the bush, and I'm sorry. I once put in hours and days putting in a rose garden along the front patio and sidewalk of a house where we once lived. There was the sidewalk I mentioned, of course, but I also put a stepping stone pathway in a wide area in the center that one could also use to get to the patio - only to have one of Bro Tom's friends come, step over a rose bush to get to the patio instead of using one of the two walkways, catch the cuff of his pants on the bush and break it right off at the ground. To say I was VERY angry would be an under-statement. I mean, what the heck!?!

Hope your birthday is a GREAT one!!!

God bless.


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I DON'T think it is an over-reaction.
I had a similar experience with my son in law who does our lawn work exchange for living on our land. I'm not here to minimize your struggle and frustration, so I'll spare the details. But yes! I was fuming too.
Hard work down the drain.
Careless people.
Just Careless.
He is much older than your guests were probably and once we pointed out his 'mistake'...Well, he won't be making it again.
I missed your birthday!
happy birthday to you friend.
take care.