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Friday, May 16, 2014

Our Non-GMO mission ~ Potato Chips

You get two blog posts today.  I bought some of these for the kids to take to their "spring fling" at school today.  They wanted chips in their "picnic" lunches and I was not going to buy the nasty stuff.

Kettle brand chips are non-gmo chips.  Most of their flavors anyway.  Be sure to check the label, because I noticed some do to not have the non-gmo label, and are in the organic section at our one store.  The kids like the Maple-Bacon ones.

Here's my update on these chips.  We noticed they are very oily.  You can't eat them out of the bag in other words.  Hubby noticed that every time he put his hand into the bag, it came out covered in oil.  If you like chips, be sure to pour these into a bowl to snack on.

We don't eat chips that often, but when we get the hankering for them, or for a cookout, we now buy the non-gmo brands (but in moderation).

Also, there is a brand called "Kind" that makes non-gmo granola bars too.  When I can't get them made homemade, the kids prefer the peanut butter ones.


Kelly said...

I've seen that brand at the store. I need to see if they are non gmo. We are chipaholics around here and I hate it!!!!

Liz said...

This is my hubbys favorite chip. I havent seen the Maple-Bacon flavored ones.

EMMA said...

Maple-bacon!! that sounds like an amazing flavor. The french aren't very big on chips, they do have them here but they are generally 'plain' flavor. Although I have noticed that the supermarket is stocking more and more kinds of 'Pringles'(at shocking high prices!)