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Monday, April 28, 2014

Post Lady Delivers ~ Citrus Water and Other Misc ~ Preparing

I have some exciting news!  We got a letter from Son, who is at Parris Island, SC. He asked for us to send photos, especially of his dog.  I'll admit, he sounds homesick, but he's never been away from home before (other than short camping trips).

I grabbed my camera and whistled for Alias.  He was pretty helpful, except he wanted to watch traffic more than look directly at me.  Even so, I got some nice photos.  

When we adopted Alias (Pitbull Mix), he was malnourished, and his back bones were sticking out.  Now he's fat and sassy, and enjoying his new home.  He's such a lover too.

When my oldest daughter comes out for a visit, Alias likes to give her a big fat, sloppy kiss with his huge tongue.  Ha ha ha!  He just kind of sneaks it in on her.

Another doggie photo shoot....Sadie (oldest daughter's dog, left, Alias, Son's dog, and Jesse, 17 year-old daughter's dog)

I was pretty happy with the dogs posing for me.  After we were done, Sadie just sat there, as if she was ready for more photos.  So cute.  

Citrus Water and Other Misc.

If you did not see the post, yesterday I posted a recipe for soothing ice pops, for sore throats.  My allergy remedies are working for the most part, but my throat was in misery.  It felt like needles stabbing me and very dry.  I had no voice, it was painful to swallow, and I had a horrible time calling talking or calling the dogs.

I decided to buy an infusion pitcher, where I can add slices of organic fresh fruit in a center tube, and simply add fresh water.  Today, it has lemons and limes in it.  It will keep me hydrated in a healthy way.  

Drinking a glass of warm lemon water for the last 3 days (first thing in the morning) has made a huge improvement on my throat pain. 


Hubby picked up 2 truck loads of wood for us.  All free from family.  I have been encouraging him to stock up early this year.  Besides, no one likes to haul wood when it's in the upper 90's around here either.


If you remember, Timmy our black barn cat, has had his troubles lately (sick, injured, etc.).  A few days ago, he came up to eat, and looked as if he took a swim in the creek.  We shook our heads and left him be.  But last night, he came to eat and his eye is badly infected, he's got a claw mark down his head, and cuts everywhere.  Guess who I am calling today?  The vet.  Again.  He's so friendly, he probably tried to friend a raccoon.  Sigh....


Michelle said...

Dogs look cute. Hope your cats ok.

Sam I Am...... said...

Gorgeous shot of the dogs! I have some ginger paste and I squirt that in my water too. Tasty and good for you! It comes in a tube in the fresh veggies refrigerator section and there is basil and other spices. Great in the winter when you can't get the real thing.