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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Getting By and Making Do

I finally broke out a new journal.  I thought I better jot down what's been going on here, with our record breaking temperatures.  I have been watching the news every night, in hopes to see that we are out of the worst now.

My daughter's work stayed open in a level 3, and she could have not only gotten in an accident, but gotten fined or jail time (here a level 3, by law, states you cannot be out driving).  Why do "non" essential businesses require employees to show up in dangerous weather?  Money?  


As for "plan A" for my daughter, it didn't happen.  Mostly due to the level 3 out.  Her car would not start yesterday either.  I am praying she get's a jump from someone today (or it miraculously starts), but her roommates are all gone right now. 

If you wondering, our water pipes are frozen in the older part of the house - completely.  I got up early to find that the last kids up, not only graciously turned off the water faucets (on 3 sinks), but closed cabinet doors.  Kids!!  So, we don't get to do dishes, or do laundry today, and Hubby is running out of clothes.  I'm praying that the pipes do not get damaged while thawing out too.

Hubby is still driving my car, and the driveway is still not plowed.  Hubby had to work until midnight, and has already left.  My son, however, needs to get his car out for 3rd shift tonight.  The level 3 was lifted, and work is on schedule again.  This means he and I get to hand shovel.  A lot of shoveling.  

As for getting by and making do, we are well fed.  The kids won't tell you that.  Even though they eat non-stop out of pure boredom, they are constantly looking for comfort food.  Which I have none of.  I have pretzels.  We are out of milk, juice, and about to run out of bread.  In a pinch, I can bake homemade bread, if I have the ingredients (which I will stock up on when I do get to shop again).  

We are running low on drinking water, and the well water that is coming from one faucet is brown.  Not a good sign. I warned Hubby, but like I said, he's working from before sun-up to well past sun-down.

We are still getting eggs (some froze), and we did not lose any chickens during the worst of the frigid temperatures (Thanking God for that).  Our billy goat is faring the weather well, and that is also a good thing.  The barn cats are still hanging out inside, but will go back out today.  We are actually going to be up to 16°F today.  I just took Alias out, and it felt like a heat wave.  So nice to see warmer weather.

With the level 3 out, the school closed again today.  However, that level was lifted to a 2 today.  The kids are entertaining themselves with the Wii.  Last night they danced to Just Dance (fun to watch them). They skyped with their sister, who was also bored.  I'm passing the time by working on a crocheted baby blanket, reading, and writing a letter.  Our mail has not been delivered for two days, so I hope to see it today.

On a good note, I have a few more freelance articles to work on.  I just need my writing mojo to start flowing today.  


Mama Pea said...

Kristina, you get a Gold Star for remaining positive and cheerful under your current circumstances. I get like a crazy woman when we don't have running water. In the past I've lived (for many years) without both running water and electricity and not having the running water bothers me most.

Let's hope the worst of your weather is over. This morning we have -16° with 25-40 mph winds blowing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed this wind is blowing out the frigid air . . . finally.

Carolyn said...

We don't have a "Level" thing for road condtions, but our local sheriff had been advising people to NOT go out unless it's an emergency. It drives me insane when I hear people just going out because they "want" to go to the store for "something or other" just because they're getting cabing fever from being in the house for a whole three days. They are endangering themselves and others by driving on the roads when they are in this condition.
Today the roads are better (that I've heard), but I still cannot make it out of the driveway with the car. DH takes the dually in to work every day.

We had our Outside Kitty in the house for the worst of it, but even he wanted to get out, so last night with the "warmer" temps, he got his freedom.

Get that mojo going! You've already started by writing a blog continue :)