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Friday, January 3, 2014

Frozen Pipes

Today, despite our best efforts, the hot water pipes are frozen.  It's 3°F with a wind chill of -20°F right now.

Yesterday was a challenge to say the least - frozen chicken water, a 2 foot drift inside the animal barn, drifts all over the drive, freezing kitchen and front room, etc.  "Big Boy" (Orion, the buck) got another bale of straw to keep him warm.  We need to somehow insulate his house for next winter.


(yes, the front of the car is buried in a drift)

The wind blew all day and night, and we thought it would never stop.  The amount of snow isn't the problem here, it's the wind combined with snow, and the drifting.  This morning, the snow and wind both have stopped (but more snow is due to arrive in a few days).

Hubby sent this photo to me, saying "I might be late."  He ran into 4 jack-knifed semi's, and one highway he typically takes home, was closed (due to another accident).

As for our supply of wood, we are doing well, but we are running low on toiletries.  I had been keeping them all stocked up, but had not been able to get to the store prior to Christmas.  I'm running low on water, and we still have not gotten more heat bulbs for my chickens.  Hubby spent the night plowing (after a full day of work) out a small section of the drive, telling me the drift was about 6 feet high.  

It appears that tomorrow is the only day for us to re-stock again, before more snow and cold weather arrive.  Thank goodness, as we are down to our last 4 rolls of toilet paper (typically I have over 24 or more in storage).   Last night's news forecasted -16°F for next Monday night.

We discovered that Alias hates the snow, while Sadie and Jesse love it. While he's cowering to stay out of it, Sadie is jumping and diving and romping in it.  Jesse just likes to eat it. Ha ha!

As for today, while we wait for Hubby to come home and plow again.  Since it's so cold, it might be a good day to clean out the fridge. 

Here is a quick peek at the baby blanket I am crocheting.  They know they are having a boy, so hence the blue. 

Today I am thankful for:
~ electricity, so I can walk on the treadmill, use the computer, make coffee, cook, and listen to music
~ yarn on hand to crochet with
~ a relaxed day
~ the insulation the snow drifts are giving "Big Boy" and parts of the house
~ eggs, despite frigid temperature, my ladies are still laying strong.
~ God's Protection
~ stocked up tea
~ leftovers
~ that the Christmas cookies are all gone now
~ the sunshine today


Sandra said...

Frozen pipes, no fun!
It sure has been a cold winter!

Jen said...

Frozen pipes are no fun! I remember as a kid having to go out to the barn to help my dad unfreeze the pump.

I hope your pipes unfreeze soon. We use to have to leave the hot water on a slight bit so it didn't freeze.

It's great you are still finding things to be thankful for! Stay warm. The blanket is beautiful. I can crochet but nothing special. Maybe someday I will learn the different stitches.

Mama Pea said...

Arrrgh, I just hate it when we're out of water. I opened the cabinet doors under the sink last night before coming to bed to let more warm air in there and on the pipes. Have been doing this a lot this winter. Sorry to hear your hot water pipes succumbed.

I remember growing up in Illinois where the drifts were awful even with just a small amount of snow.

The baby blanket is going to be beautiful. Gorgeous color.

Stay warm and safe. It's good to be able to stay home on days like this, isn't it?

Kelly said...

Have you seen the cookie tin water heaters? I found a lamp for .75cents and a tin for .25 cents at my thrift store. It's been nice knowing my chickens have water.
Your blanket is beautiful :)

EMMA said...

Oh dear - frozen pipes! so far so good here at the moment!
I'm having to change the chickens water a few times a day as it freezes, and just like yours, mine are still laying.
Take care driving - those drifts look nasty.

Unknown said...

We get that cold, but not that much snow! Sorry for your pipes. Sometimes a small electric heater pointed towards the outside pipes might help, maybe. We finally bought a heated dog water bowl for our coop. We got power to it last spring. It holds about 1 gallon and works great! We used to use a cookie tin heater but too got too hot (even with a low watt bulb) and were afraid of the fire hazard. I hope you're safe out driving. Alias, your older dog probably doesn't like the cold, poor guy. Older bones!

Kim said...

Saying a prayer for your family and knowing his arms are around you all. So we ask what lessons he has for us to learn through this? Thats how we do it around here. You can always melt snow for water. It is interesting to let the kids guess how much water you will get from a pot of snow.

Beansieleigh said...

Oh my word!.. We've gotten a fair amount of snow here too, but I don't think our conditions, all-in-all, have been quite as harsh as they are YOUR way! I'm gonna keep you and yours in my prayers! That aside, I still want to wish you a very Happy New Year! (Better days are coming. Keep counting those blessings, and I'll do the same!) ~tina