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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 2 - No Hot Showers

I let Jesse out to do his "business" early this morning, and there was one single star visible in the sky.  Kind of a cool sight, so I took a picture.  A benefit if living in the country - I can stand outside in my pajamas, robe and slippers, and my neighbors cannot look out their window and gawk at me in shock and horror.  They'd most likely think I was a creeper with my camera at that hour too, ha ha!

After we cleaned up the living room, and put the last of the decorations away, I played around with creating my own pattern for bowl cozies.  The kids wanted these for the larger bowls, so they could hold a hot bowl of soup.  To explain better, they don't always eat sitting down, or at the table.  Sigh.  The first one I made (in the photo) is not tight enough in my opinion, so I'll be working on the pattern this week.   And of course they suggested red to go with my new red and black rooster mugs.  I'm fresh out of red cotton yarn, so if I don't get to the store today, this pattern will have to wait.

In case you are wondering, we (as of early morning of day 2) are not getting showers here yet today.  We might yet, possibly later in the day, as the temperatures will be a teensy bit warmer.  We do leave the cabinet doors open at night, we let water drip, and yet we still get frozen pipes (the cons of a very old house).  

Mom Funny:

"Well, I sure hope we don't have any emergencies," I said looking the window at the 4 foot drift that runs from past the wood barn to the house.

"I'd have to pull a Dukes of Hazard if we do."

Response from Hubby when I told him this on the phone:

"Just be sure to keep it to the floor and don't let up."

Ha ha!  I'll admit it was fun imagining myself doing donuts out there where the old truck was parked.  And where there was very little snow on the ground.  And where it was conveniently parked so that there was no way to get it off the property without plowing through a drift of at least 4 feet or more.

We are due to get more snow and wind tomorrow, with possibly up to 8 more inches.  Looks like I may get more time to crochet that baby blanket after all.  

The news forecast called this next storm a "walloping storm."  and they also stated, "An even colder and longer arctic outbreak can be expected next week. This could bring epic, record breaking cold!"

Now...who wouldn't be jumping for joy?  

Okay, I'm just pointing out that it is difficult to stay joyful in "difficult" situations.  So, I'm trying to look for the positive in all this today.  

Today I am thankful for:
~ cold running water, I can brush my teeth, heat it to wash my face etc.  Reminds me of the joy of camping.
~ my son home today, so I can borrow his car to restock supplies
~ for the sunshine that recharged my solar canning lid light (I use it camping in the summer, and in the winter it makes a nice back up light,and a night light for the bathroom)
~  the tiny birds that fly in and out of the barns (they remind me that they are so small, yet can withstand the cold, find food, and survive harsh elements)
~ knowing that God doesn't give us anything we can't handle, and that anything done with the intent to harm us, He turns it into something good.
~ two more brand new heat lamp bulbs to warm my hard working chickens
~ all the coffee we were gifted for Christmas, otherwise we'd be out right now
~ books on hand to read
~ again, leftovers
~the sunshine again today, in hopes it will help warm up the house and thaw the hot water pipes

Update:  Hot water is flowing as of noon today!  YAY!


Willow said...

I just peeked back and the baby blanket is looking good.
It is reassuring to be thankful for the small wonders.
We got about 14 inches of snow and yes they are predicting more for later in the week ( said one of the coldest snaps here in 10 years !). The barn thermometer is reading 1 degree today but luckily no wind.
Yet thankful all is well .
Keep warm and keep the faith :) this too shall pass, might as well enjoy the journey if we can .

Unknown said...

I hope your pipes melt! I'm sorry for ll the tough times. I do appreciate the living in a relatively newer home (70's) with pretty good insulation. We open our cabinet doors when it's near 10 or lower. Glad you found some heat bulbs! It was in the teens last night here, heavy fog, but now sunny atleast.

Unknown said...

I forgot - have you ever heard of "heat tape" for water pipes? You wrap it around your pipes, plug it in, hubby said you can find it in smaller hardware stores. Or online. Keeps your pipes from freezing. Might be a good investment...

Cris said...

I'm glad your hot water is back :-) Frozen pipes are no fun. It's going to be very cold here, too--right now, they are estimating wind chills of -80 degrees, with the ambient temperature around -40, on Monday morning. I don't use heat lamps, but I'm going to be stacking hay & straw around the windows and doors of the coop tomorrow--the girls will fluff up and stay warm together, if I can keep the drafts out. Usually, I want the airflow so things stay healthy, but sheesh, -40 is a bit much!!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks for the tip on the heat tape. I'll have to look into that.

Mama Pea said...

Hooray for hot running water! Hope you can all get your showers in quick before colder weather makes more problems. We, too, have joined the ranks of people who open the cabinet doors underneath the sink before going to bed at night! Stay warm.