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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winston ~ Blizzard of '78

On the 26th of December, the plan was to drive Winston to a humane society about 1 hour from here.  They said they would take any animal, from any county, and not charge a thing.   Perfect, right?  Well, he didn't go there.  He's still here.  Sigh....

He has been quite the entertainment here lately.  Oh, don't get me wrong.  There are still cat fights, and growling, and cornering him by the other two boys here (in fact, I hear growling right now). They've had a few pee wars too (most likely why his last owner dumped him, and I will spare you my thoughts on dumped animals, but you probably already know them by now).


However, he's shown us another side of him.  While the wind was blowing madly in that last snow storm, Winston dove under this rug and watched the snow hit the door.  Oh, and see those chickens on the wall?  He was mesmerized by those too one day, ha ha!

We discovered he loves to help strip a bed, and re-dress it.  He can't stop himself from diving in under the sheets and blankets. 

He discovered I crochet and knit too. yarn has been a bit slobbery lately.  I can't sit and crochet without him discovering me, so I sent my youngest into my closet for scrap yarn for him. 

His purr is like a loud motor, he comes when he's called, and loves to be held.  Not your typical stray cat.

One day, while Sadie (my 19 year-old's black lab) was laying next to my drying rack, as I put laundry on it (she was a bit depressed I had said the "L" word, and was not going outside), Winston walked by and face-rubbed her nose - two times!  Unbelievable.  This cat is just not your ordinary cat.

Hubby is not one to approve of any pet, let alone a stray kept at a pet, and he even shocked us.  I woke up to find a bowl of water in my bathroom.  Huh?  Later, Hubby said that Winston was on his nightstand at 3:00am, trying to get water from his water bottle.  He said he got up, and put water in the bathroom, because the big, bad bully Tiger and Jasper would not let him in the kitchen without bothering him.  

So where is Winston now?

Well, he's here.  Most of the time, he's curled up on my bed, following me around, and loving on me.  The plan is to "babysit" him for a year, and let him go live with my soon-to-be 20 year-old daughter.  I'm already "babysitting" her dog and cat, so it will be hard to tell where Winston will be in a year from now.  As of now, it looks like he's staying.  Sigh....

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you read yesterday's post, we did get hot water on about noon.  Hot showers never felt so good.

Yesterday the kids and I talked about the "blizzard of '78."  I remember the snow so high on the street sides, we could not see the houses.  I remember having to boil water too.  We lived in town, thankfully.  This upcoming weather brought on a history lesson for my kids.  We can even go online and watch old videos taken during the blizzard.  They all seem very interested in learning about it.  

The forecast here has changed yet again - 6-9 inches of snow possible, and Monday night wind chill of -20 to -40°F.  This continuously changes, but one thing is for sure, we are putting a lot more wood on the porch this morning (before it snows).


Michelle said...

We have the same problem with our cat Kit. He loves to pick on our cat Buttercup. We would spray him with water to get him away from her.If he kept it up then we lock him up in my daughters room. He pretty much leaves her alone now. He hated being locked up. We still have times where he misbehaves,but it is so much better.

Sam I Am...... said...

What a week you've had! I'm glad you're keeping the cat as I think they come into our lives for a reason. Love the bowl "cozies". Stay warm!

Unknown said...

Glad you got your hot water back, and good for you keeping the cat. He sounds like a sweetheart. Poor little guy being so thirsty and not getting any water! Good for your hubby helping him out :)

EMMA said...

Glad to hear you are keeping Winston! he seems like a lovely cat.
Sounds like you guys are really getting slammed by the weather.
Take care.

Mama Pea said...

I'm so happy for Winston! I do think he was sent your way for a reason. Here's hoping the other critters get the memo that he's part of the household now and fall into some kind of an agreeable truce. He sure seems like a smart cat, doesn't he? Thank you for being willing to go through the hassles and give him a good home. (And a pox on whoever dumped him!)

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Glad to see Winston hasn't stolen your heart or anything. :)
The 'blizzard of 78' ... I was about to turn...ehem, well, my baby brother was born that year on January 1st...
I remember it was so cold and that is one of the only times I remember having such deep snow as a kid!

glad you got hot showers finally, Pat