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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Planner with Pizazz ~ New Year's First Day Tidbits

When my 17 year-old had asked me, "do we have to do anything today?" 

I responded with "eat, drink, and be merry!"

I got my crafting mojo flowing yesterday, and created a fun planner for 2014.  Thanks to Patty, at Lemon Lane Cottage, I dug out my scraps, decoupage and glue, and put some pizazz into a plain covered planner.  I'll admit, it felt good to craft without a plan, and without a deadline.  

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I started out with anything that had roses on it.  It's my favorite flower.

Then I added some more roses. . . .

And some more roses . . .

And some positive thinking words and sayings . . .

And topped it off with a positive thinking Bible verse.

And there you have it folks - boring planner turned fun.  Note:  I used a bendable plastic covered planner.  My decoupage/glue mixture did not work.  It simply peeled right off the planner cover.  I then used a stronger crafting glue, and then gently rolled out the bumps with my kitchen pastry roller.  Wa-la, it worked.

You could make these for gifting too.  I realized after making mine, that I could make them for next Christmas, with 2015 planners. They can be customized so nicely.

Okay, now that I have the planner all ready, it's time to dig out my seed catalogs, garden journal, and so forth.  First, I need to write down when baby goats are due, so I can be prepared when my 17 year-old "goat caretaker" is in school. 

Next, I am marking all the days the kids have off school, so I can plan my next marriage "sanity" saver trip with Hubby. 

...I think I need some stickers too, he he! 

New Year's Morning Update:

(the kids taped party streamers all over the kitchen ceiling)
So, 'fess up.  Who fell asleep last night before midnight?  At least I can blame it on my head cold this year.  But what's your excuse?  

I had to laugh when my older brother texted me around 9:00pm, saying they were having champagne "just in case."  Ha ha ha!

We are now getting the snow they forecasted.  I have to admit, it is beautiful this morning. highway traffic. It's not only beautiful, but peaceful.  Either everyone is still in bed, or hungover. 

We enjoyed a night of naughty snacks, a traditional punch bowl of traditional punch Mom used to give us as kids, leftover Christmas cookies (another tradition as a kid, Mom would put lots of trays of cookies out for us), and party poppers.  Jesse, unfortunately does not like the noise, but his thunder-jacket helped him rest easy.

Today the Christmas trees, lights, and decorations all get put back in their boxes until next Christmas.  I hope the kids are eager to work hard.  I plan to rest in my bed with a box of tissues, a cup of hot tea, and homemade vapo-rub.

Oh...and one last note, if you are still with me.  Remember the rooster mugs I posted about (a gift from my daughter)?  Well, we got two more of them from my older brother and his wife.  Now, we are all fighting over them.  Ha ha ha!   I think I'm gonna have to hide a few for myself.  I love them!


Willow said...

Enjoyed the post !
Good idea to spiff up the date book :)
Happy New Year :)

Unknown said...

I'll admit- I was in bed by 11:00, just too tired to stay up. Dave as asleep by 10, on the couch trying to stay awake.... The nice thing- sun's out, and a new year. We don't drink much so no hangovers here...

Sandra said...

Nice planner.
Happy New Year!!