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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Organizing Gifts for Christmas 2012

If you follow my blog, you know I am a journal junkie.  Now is the time for me to drag out my craft journal.

Years ago, I bought this "Crafty Gals" organizer/journal at a Christian bookstore.  Gosh, that must have been over 5-6 years ago.

It has sections for listing supplies, projects and notes.  I'm currently listing all of my unfinished projects that need finished, along with gifts for next year, including Christmas.

While digging through my unorganized supplies, I found these wooden rings.  They are about 3 inches in diameter.  Each ring has a hook already in them.  They were marked $1.00, but I like to shop and look for the color tag that is 1/2 off that day, and got these for $.50.

I decided it was time to make ornaments with them for next Christmas.  I found a pattern on-line for a giant wreath that also works for small rings.

I used leftover Christmas colored yarn (cotton) to crochet around the ring, using a pattern from Good Knits.


I will use recycled cardboard and glue a circle to the backside.  I am not sure yet what I will put in the center of the cardboard, but I am considering quilling something, cross-stitching something, or adding rings of tatting of some sort.  I guess I will decide after I get all the rings finished first.  

This takes 2 more items out of my closet - yay!  In the last two homes I have lived in, I had a special room for my crafting supplies.  Each with a table to work on.  Now, in this old farm house, I have shoved my supplies into my bedroom closet.  I don't have the room like I used to have (at least at this time).  It's forcing me to get items out and finish them, before the garden season arrives again.


Lisa Brawner said...

those will be beautiful !!!!

simplicityinthemaking said...

I find myself using up what I have around the house too, before purchasing new supplies of any kind. This year I have been fortunate as my parents are cleaning out their hosue and I am coming across treasures at their house for my use.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Those are sooo cute!

I chuckled at this post, because I have things stuffed here and there and am the most DISORGANIZED I've ever been...all since my kids moved out!
One thing I have stuffed...(the chuckle part) a small bag of wooden rings JUST LIKE YOURS!

now I know what to do with them when i find them.

have a great day, Pat

Candy C. said...

Nice little wreaths!
I miss my crafting room too, it's hard to have everything out on the kitchen table. :(