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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Day of Digging ~ Tidbits

I got my garlic all pulled before the rain arrived, and only lost one of them to rot.  While pulling those, I smelled an awful smell from the direction of the 100-some potatoes we planted.  

I pulled potatoes from a few plants to check.  Unfortunately, many of them are rotten.  The ground is saturated on a daily basis lately.  

After rinsing these potatoes, and placing them on a towel in a single layer to dry, several were covered in mold the next morning. Throughout the day more grew mold. I'm glad I did not buy a pressure canner this year, because I won't need one. 

That hunk of mud above my gloves happens to be my hand shovel.  It wasn't fun trying to dig potatoes, but I'm glad I checked them.   Now I don't have to guess the demise of the garden.

I finally got one of our new signs.  It's not installed yet, but it will before the weekend.  A few nights ago, I actually had two guys knock on my door at 8pm to sell me dish network.  Really?  You'd think the word had gotten out, when the carpet cleaning guy wouldn't leave one year, and I think I almost made him pee his pants - don't knock at that house and try to sell something they didn't ask for, but most importantly get off the property the first time you are told to.

I also got one of these "private property" signs, and placed one of the north driveway posts.  I think it looks rather tasteful, so we may add a few more to both driveway entrances.  My plants are looking a bit haggard, and the grass needs mowed.  If the sun is shining today, and water doesn't slosh up between my toes, it's a good day to mow.

A recent dinner - baked wild caught cod, topped with garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, and parsley, topped with home canned corn relish, sitting on a bed of wilted organic spinach, green onion and hot red pepper flakes.  I had to buy the spinach, and the fish.  Fish is expensive here anymore, and to us it's a treat about once a week.  

I'm heading out to the porch for gal talk with God.  I'm feeling kind of lost without all my garden duties this season, but I know God has a plan in all of this.


Sandra Morris said...

Sorry about your potatoes!
It has been a very wet year. We have had some dissapointment with our hay due to the rain.

Kristina said...

Sandra, sorry to hear about the hay. We are having trouble getting hay for the goats, due to rain.

Kim said...

So sorry to hear about your potatoes. Gardens are always a learning curve aren't they?

Kristina said...

Kim, I agree. We went through this a few years ago, but with a smaller garden. I'll just have to visit the Farmer's Markets more this year I guess.

Susan said...

This has been a trying year for gardening, that's for sure. I am looking at pulling my garlic (almost two months early!) because I don't want to lose them to rot either. I planted my potatoes in potato bags this year, hoping that will help with drainage. The plants look good, but you never know. Sending you thoughts of strength, hope and friendship.

Kristina said...

Susan, thank you for your kind words. I had high hopes for a good stock pile, and a root cellar this year. I need the strength to switch gears and not worry.

RB said...

Wow! Sorry about the garden. I'm not sure, but I have a very vague memory that if potatoes rot in the ground, then you can't plant potatoes there again because the mold will still be in the dirt where they rotted. I could be wrong though, might want to check on that.
Been my experience solicitors pay no attention to signs. We have a "No Soliciting" sign AND an "ADT" sign and they still come. Plus we have someone sneaking in that takes a yard decoration here and there occasionally. I'd dearly love to catch that one in the act and scare a few years off of them.
And I think the only way a Beware of Dog sign works is if you put the word "mean" in there somewhere...maybe.
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, I do rotate my potatoes every year. I don't think we plant anything in the same place each year. I try to make a drawing on graph paper, so we keep track.